Frisco 5-Star Corporate Challenge

4th Annual Frisco Chamber of Commerce 5-Star Corporate Challenge on Friday, May 11, 2018

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With what began as a class project for Leadership Frisco Class XVIII in 2015, has now evolved into one of the favorite corporate events in Frisco and a friendly competition between the business community which extends beyond the date of the event. The first place winner of the Frisco 5-Star corporate challenge gets to keep the coveted Chamber Cup, for the entire year, and that is where the fun begins.

Randstad Technologies, the first place winner in 2015, went on to participate in a fun “challenge” video heading in to year two of the corporate challenge, which prompted other teams to begin making “challenge” videos as well.

The 2016 first place winner, The Cheney Group, took it to a new level, posting pictures of the Chamber Cup throughout the year that they were reigning champions. The Chamber Cup showed up at events, did yoga, went grocery shopping. In a conversation about the event, Jeff Cheney, owner of The Cheney Group and now Mayor of Frisco, coined the phrase “Ultimate Adult Field Day” that the Chamber is now using as a tagline. The 2017 first place winner, National Breast Cancer Foundation, continues to carry on the tradition and fun.

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 4th Annual 5-Star Corporate Challenge on Friday, May 11, 2018 at Dr. Pink Field. The 5-Star Corporate Challenge, presented by Jamba Juice, will once again pit local businesses against each other in a friendly competition while promoting team-building, business-to-business networking, and corporate wellness. It is not necessarily the most athletic team that wins! The much talked about Lip Sync Battle and the videos that live forever, are a favorite!

To keep the 5-Star Corporate Challenge fresh, a few changes are being made in a few areas. One thing that won’t change in 2018 is the friendly competition that will occur between the business communities as we lead up to the event to earn the right to the ultimate prize – the Chamber Cup.

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