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Shona Huffman serves as the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, working directly alongside our business community, the City of Frisco, and Frisco ISD, to implement good legislation and initiatives that affect business growth, economic stability, and our quality of life. Shona has bachelor’s degrees from Southwest Baptist University (4 Majors—Political Science, History, Social Science Education, & Speech), as well as two master’s degrees in political science and public policy. Shona also serves as an elected official in Frisco.
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April showers bring May flowers…and if you haven’t noticed—municipal election campaign signs.  Every available corner in Frisco has a bounty of colorful signs announcing the offices the various candidates are seeking and communicating their styles and personalities.  This should be a clue to many of our residents that another election is again upon us and, yet, I am often amazed at the number of my Frisconians who are unaware of the upcoming election.  This becomes frighteningly clear when considering voter turnout numbers in our beloved community.  In 2017, even during a Mayoral election cycle, only around 14,000 voters turned out Read more188
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If You Want Your Voice to Be Heard Then You Need to Show Up in March!

A recent study from UT Austin ranked Texas 47th in voter turnout and 44th in voter registration.  In 2014 (the last non-presidential primary election), only 2 million of the over 14 million registered voters showed up to vote in the primary election.  Doing their civic duty, the number of voters in November was up to 5 million.  Here’s the rub: if you wait until November to do your civic duty, you are more than late to the game. In Texas, November elections are typically won during the primary in March. Our voting districts are pretty regular in political leanings; meaning, Read more188