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Commercial Building Permits: Some Businesses Face Delays as Permits Increase

                    Graphics from Community Impact – Frisco Edition Tony Felker, President/CEO of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce weighs in on the commercial building permit process in Community Impact Frisco. “Frisco has very stringent standards, and they’re that way for a reason so that over time you minimize maintenance and you keep up the standards we have here in Frisco,” Felker said. “If you haven’t done business in Frisco, it’s important to have a pre-meeting with the city to educate themselves on the process.” Lettelleir said he often has meetings in advance Read more
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An Attorney, a Banker, and an Engineer Stepped onto a Plane

A diverse delegation from a variety of industries embarked on a journey together on October 17 through October 19, 2018. Forty-one Frisco city and community leaders flew out of Dallas Love Field headed to Scottsdale, Arizona. The inaugural Frisco Smart City Leadership Exchange was a new event for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. The three-day trip, designed to give Frisco’s community leaders, elected officials, business owners and leaders the opportunity to interact with and learn from another high-growth city included panel discussions on topics such as responsible growth, education, innovation, transportation, workforce development, and the arts. “Conversations that were already Read more
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Creatively Finding Solutions to Opportunities Is What We Do!

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce proactively looks for ways to meet the needs of both the business community and the residents that call Frisco and North Texas home. Education, transportation, infrastructure, legislation, and workforce continue to be some of the areas of focus for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Having a healthy business climate as well as being the fastest growing city in the U.S. creates numerous opportunities but can also create a few challenges along the way. One of those challenges (or opportunities as we like to call them) is an abundance of newly created job openings, especially in Read more
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How Do People React When I Tell Them What I Do!?

As I am out and about in Frisco, or anywhere else, I am often naturally asked by people regarding where I work and/or what do I do.   When I respond with “I work at the local chamber of commerce, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce,” I inevitably get that same expression.   Yes, you know the one….you probably just made it yourself or, depending on your involvement with the chamber world, you have done it at one point in time or another.  Yes, that expression is that somewhat blank “I don’t have a clue what the chamber does….but I can’t let him Read more
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April showers bring May flowers…and if you haven’t noticed—municipal election campaign signs.  Every available corner in Frisco has a bounty of colorful signs announcing the offices the various candidates are seeking and communicating their styles and personalities.  This should be a clue to many of our residents that another election is again upon us and, yet, I am often amazed at the number of my Frisconians who are unaware of the upcoming election.  This becomes frighteningly clear when considering voter turnout numbers in our beloved community.  In 2017, even during a Mayoral election cycle, only around 14,000 voters turned out Read more
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50 Community Leaders? Learning Together? Bringing Back New Ideas to Frisco? Will You Be on Board?

Watch the announcement video here. At a responsible growth roundtable discussion with top leaders in Frisco, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce announced plans for a new event, the Frisco Smart City Leadership Exchange, a three-day trip designed to give Frisco’s community leaders, elected officials, and business owners and leaders, the opportunity to visit and study select high-growth cities. The inaugural trip, which will take place October 17 through 19, 2018, will take a delegation of approximately 50 Frisco leaders to Scottsdale, Arizona. Leaders from both cities will interact in hope of exchanging ideas in areas such as responsible growth, education, Read more
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If You Want Your Voice to Be Heard Then You Need to Show Up in March!

A recent study from UT Austin ranked Texas 47th in voter turnout and 44th in voter registration.  In 2014 (the last non-presidential primary election), only 2 million of the over 14 million registered voters showed up to vote in the primary election.  Doing their civic duty, the number of voters in November was up to 5 million.  Here’s the rub: if you wait until November to do your civic duty, you are more than late to the game. In Texas, November elections are typically won during the primary in March. Our voting districts are pretty regular in political leanings; meaning, Read more
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2017 Business Awards Finalists Announced

Each year, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce honors and celebrates local businesses and citizens at an annual awards ceremony, now named the Frisco Number Ones Gala. The gala, in its 34th year, will be held at the Omni Frisco Hotel on February 9, 2018 with the theme “The Artistry of Industry!” Applications and nominations were received from numerous Chamber businesses and entities and were reviewed and judged by a cross-section of Frisco business professionals that comprised the review committee. “This year we had a record number of nominations,” said Tony Felker, President and CEO of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Read more
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Frisco Chamber of Commerce Appoints Two New Board Members

Each year, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors conducts a process to appoint new or re-appoint Board Members. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce announces the appointment of two new members to the Board of Directors. Joining the Board of Directors are Mike Barber, BKM Sowan Horan, and Mary Jo Dean, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. We are very fortunate to have these individuals serving on our Board of Directors,” said Tony Felker, President and CEO, Frisco Chamber of Commerce. “Our newest Board Members have already made a positive impact on our community and bring an exemplary level of Read more
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A Thermometer Tells You What the Temperature Is…

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Legislative panel discussion at a luncheon, titled “Open and Uncensored: What Did & Didn’t Happen in the 85th Session.” The panel discussion, held on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at the Westin Stonebriar, allowed a conversation between state and local elected officials and North Texas business and community leaders. Charles Gressle, CEO of Medical City Frisco and Medical City Plano shared, “Medical City Frisco is proud to partner with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce to bring together elected officials and the leaders of our business community. It is important that our elected officials hear Read more