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Frisco Business News

Thermostat = Affordable Health Insurance is One Example!

By Tony Felker Published November 29, 2018

Over the last two years, many of you have likely heard me speak about my goals for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce evolving from a “thermometer” to a “thermostat” within and around the Frisco business community. For those for whom this...


Business Beyond Sports Luncheon and Panel Discussion

By Karen Kim Published November 20, 2018

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce will host the Business Beyond Sports luncheon and panel discussion on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, in the Hall of Fame Club at the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Frisco was once named “The Best Place to Raise an...


How Does This Impact You?

By Tony Felker Published October 25, 2018

In order to fulfill the Frisco Chamber of Commerce’s mission statement “to protect and promote commerce,” the Frisco Chamber’s Governmental Affairs division, along with the Board of Directors, takes a strong and pro-active stance on...


An Attorney, a Banker, and an Engineer Stepped onto a Plane!

By Karen Kim Published October 25, 2018

A diverse delegation from a variety of industries embarked on a journey together on October 17 through October 19, 2018. Forty-one Frisco city and community leaders flew out of Dallas Love Field headed to Scottsdale, Arizona. The inaugural Frisco...


Frisco Chamber of Commerce Announces Support of Frisco ISD TRE and Bond Proposal and Collin County Transportation Bond

By Karen Kim Published October 14, 2018

Date: October 4, 2018 Contact: Karen Kim Senior Director of Marketing & Communications Office: (972) 335-9522 | Cell: (972) 900-9651 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Frisco Chamber of Commerce Announces Support of Frisco ISD TRE and...