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Category: Community Outreach

By Tony Felker Published October 25, 2018
In order to fulfill the Frisco Chamber of Commerce’s mission statement “to protect and promote commerce,” the Frisco Chamber’s Governmental Affairs division, along with the Board of...
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By Shona Huffman Published September 24, 2018
Two major local issues will appear on the November ballot on November 6, 2018.  The Frisco Chamber of Commerce has taken a position of support for both of them.  The first is the Frisco ISD TRE and...
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By Tony Felker Published November 17, 2017
Over 40 years being a great community partner…70 employees…the donation of 3 acres to a community for a dog park, 18,000 patients. Fast forward to August 2017…almost five feet of floodwater, 30...
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By Tony Felker Published October 12, 2017
The weather is clear and sunny in Houston and southeast Texas. The waters have all receded in the majority of the areas. The camera crews and reporters have mostly left the affected areas. Hurricane...
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