Strategic Plan

With the completion of our new strategic plan in early 2016, the Frisco Chamber shifted its focus from areas that affect only a small percentage of our members (such as networking and ribbon cuttings) to areas that affect the entire community. Our mission statement was tweaked to be clear and distinct, reading, “The mission of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is to protect and promote commerce through advocacy, resources, and connections.”

In addition, our tagline changed from “Connections, Resources, and Advocacy” to “Advocacy, Resources, and Connections,” paving the way for our new focus. While not all businesses rely on our Chamber for networking and/or ribbon cuttings, advocacy is one element that affects EVERY member. With the new approach, the entire team, staff and the Board of Directors, are able to present a consistent message about the role of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce By-Laws and Strategic Plan are documents that guide the governance of the Chamber. The most recent copy strategic plan is available in pdf format and can be viewed by clicking the link below:

2016-2020 Strategic Plan