Healthcare Council


The Healthcare Council is a network of Frisco Chamber of Commerce members focused on providing networking opportunities and information sharing between area healthcare organizations that do business in or serve the citizens of the Frisco area.

Objectives & Goals

  • Expand each member’s networking contacts within the healthcare industry
  • Identify information sharing opportunities that may improve:
    • the local community,
    • healthcare outcomes for patients, and/or
    • the job performance of members (and the performance of a member’s organization)
  • Become educated on each member’s role and their current challenges as it relates to the council’s goals and vision
  • Brainstorm on current trends and improvement processes, including risk management and quality initiatives
  • Review and evaluate community events and philanthropic opportunities for council involvement
  • Identify needs of the community as it relates to healthcare
  • Coordinate annual job fair for healthcare organizations
  • Coordinate educational offerings for members and their guests
  • Scope of the council should include, but not be limited to:
    • Philanthropic opportunities; networking with other established healthcare groups; networking with other committees within Frisco; educational offerings; speaker engagements; social events

Meeting Times

Once a month (4th Monday of the month) rotating between mornings and afternoons at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. There are opportunities for sponsorship of the breakfasts/lunches during meetings.

The first meeting of 2018 will January 22, 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM.

Steering Committee Chairs

Council Chairman: Donald A. Adam, True Health Diagnostics

Council Vice Chairman: Christie Hutchinson, QCC Healthcare Consultants

Recruiting/Membership Chair: Alison Richardson

Media/Publications Chair: Vacant

Education Chair: Sherry Christiaens, Senior Living Specialists

Philanthropic Chair: Marty Newman, Newman Cost Recovery Advisors

Networking Chair: Vacant

Social Planning Chair: Nate Reid, Haven Behavioral Health

Community Triage (Disaster Planning) Chair: Heidi Wysocki, First Defense Solutions

Steering Committee Members: Kathleen Munger, Agape Insurance; Brandon Woods, CPL Labs; Nicola Green, LeTourneau University; Christy Argo, Changes; Ryan Brence, Safety, Training & Compliance; Allison Ginn, Frisco ISD; Christine Dumais, Interactive Quality; Patrick Sweeney, Quidel; and Richard Cheng, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr.

Chamber Staff Liaison: Tami Alexander

Dues and Benefits

Healthcare Council Member = Chamber Membership + $60.00/year per person – Listing on website and in directory; actively participates in program as a council member or volunteer for events; attends monthly meetings. Join here!

We love having guests visit us 2 times. On your 2nd visit, please consider joining the Healthcare Council, because we would love to have you become a part of our group.

The Healthcare Council members are passionate about education, collaboration, and networking within our industry.

We invite the following partners who provide and/or support healthcare in our community:

(This list is not exclusive.)

  • Hospitals & Ambulatory Centers
  • Practitioners & their staff (physicians, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, optometrists, ophthalmologists)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Mental Health
  • Senior Care Partners & Home Health
  • Healthcare Supplies & Equipment
  • Healthcare Software Development and Support
  • Service Professionals that Specialize in Healthcare or Support Healthcare Providers
    • Attorneys
    • Consultants
    • Real Estate Agents & Brokers
    • Insurance Agents & Brokers
    • Staffing & Recruiting Organizations
    • Architects
    • Associations & Non-profits
    • Training & Educational Professionals
    • IT Support
    • Marketing Support


If you have questions, please contact Tami Alexander at (972) 335-9522. Become a member of the Frisco Healthcare Council!