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Frisco Entrepreneur™ is a division of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce seeking to connect local entrepreneurs and provide resources as well.

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If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneur activities through the Frisco Chamber, please let us know!   Please notify Gina Cheek. Follow Frisco Entrepreneur™ on Facebook and Twitter at @FriscoEntrepren or visit

Be Encouraged: Learn, Earn and Return Speaker Series

The purpose of the speaker series is to give entrepreneurs and small business leaders a chance to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and other professionals and to give the seasoned entrepreneur the chance to give back by sharing their entrepreneurial journey – successes, failures, advice and more. The speaker series began in March of this year.

Frisco Entrepreneur!   Now, This Really is YOUR Building!

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce is very proud to announce its next step in its Frisco Entrepreneur™ program.   In October, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce turned over a large portion of its building to Frisco’s entrepreneurs – all day Monday and every Monday…and any other time that there are not any specific programs scheduled.  When we say, “This is your building,” we really mean it now! During those times that there is another event, we will accommodate folks meeting and collaborating in other parts of the building.  Need a space to meet…come to the Frisco Chamber and we will find you a seat!

Frisco Entrepreneur™ is a fairly new program of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce aimed at fostering and providing resources to Frisco’s entrepreneurs.  The Frisco Chamber has launched several initiatives over the last year as part of Frisco Entrepreneur™.

“Learn, Earn, and Return” is a speakers’ series where proven entrepreneurs provide learning lessons to other entrepreneurs detailing lessons learned, struggles along the way, and tips on how to succeed as a local entrepreneur.

“Invest Local” is a program whereby the Frisco Chamber is working to connect entrepreneurs seeking financing with local, non-traditional sources of funding.  These connections are not just for the typical start-up software programmer, but they apply to any entrepreneur looking for funds from $300 to wrap a vehicle to financing of $1 million or more.

The Frisco Chamber is also providing an educational component for entrepreneurs.  In addition to SCORE counseling offered every Wednesday morning at the Frisco Chamber, educational sessions on Intellectual Property, Franchising, Buying and Selling Companies, and much more are now being offered at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

This latest development in the Frisco Entrepreneur™ program is providing a physical meeting place for entrepreneurs looking to connect, share stories, provide advice, and whatever else aspiring entrepreneurs need and want.  Every Monday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the Chamber Event Room is open to anyone who wants to use it.  In addition, any other time during the week that there are no other events specifically scheduled in the Event Room, entrepreneurs are welcome to come and gather.  And…if the Event Room is being used for a specific function, entrepreneurs are welcome to use other parts of the building that are open and available.

While the specifics are still being developed, initial plans are to have a slightly “structured” event at the beginning of each Monday to kick off the day’s entrepreneurial efforts.  Such events may include “Learn, Earn, and Return,” “Invest Local,” an educational component, or a “pitch” event; however, if you just want to hang out and connect, that is ideal as well.

Frisco is full of entrepreneurs but many don’t know where they can go to just meet, compare notes, share resources, talk about their successes and failures, and provide advice on other resources that have been useful for them in the community. Now…they have such a place.  Yes, Frisco has many other entities providing specific resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs and the Frisco Chamber is not looking to duplicate any such efforts.  On the contrary, the purpose is to bring entrepreneurs together, give them a place they can call their own.

Getting together at the local coffee shop is fine on occasion; however, entrepreneurs need a place that they know will be available, where other like-minded business people will be, and where they can advance their ideas by sharing and collaborating.

So what is next?  That is up to you…the Frisco entrepreneur.  While the Frisco Chamber is working to be the entrepreneurial epicenter of Frisco, it is not up to the Chamber to determine what is needed, what programming is desired, or what you want.  Our role is to listen to what the entrepreneurs in the area are wanting and what they are talking about.  From there, we can help direct them to the place/resource they need and/or work to create such a resource if not already being provided elsewhere in the local business community.

So…as we go forward…what do you need or want?   For now…we hear all the time that real estate in Frisco is expensive and hard to find…now, you have your place!  What is next? Entre…Frisco Entrepreneur™!


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