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Internship and Mentorship Opportunities

Helping to shape the future workforce is what we do by connecting students with businesses and with mentors.

Important Information

Businesses, regardless of membership, can register to be an intern-site. Individuals can express their desire to serve as a mentor to a high school or college student. The same form can be used for both! Mentorships and Internships can be virtual.

Below please find additional information:

  • A business wishing to become an intern-site cannot be a home-based business - must have a physical office unless the internship is virtual only.
  • An individual that does have a home-based business can register to show their interest in becoming a mentor.
  • When registering as a mentor only, the individual would fill out most of the form, leaving the hourly wage information blank.
    • For Position Title: please use Mentor/Mentee.
    • You can type a message in How to Apply: (Sample) Available to serve as a mentor for a high school student. Call or email for an appointment.

Post an Internship/Mentorship Opportunity

Register to let high school and/or college students know that you hire interns or will serve as a mentor.

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Find an Internship/Mentor

Looking for an internship or wanting to find a mentor?

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