The Ambassadors are a vital team of Chamber Partners dedicated to assisting the Frisco Chamber Board of Directors in meeting with and supporting new business partnerships, retaining & encouraging current membership, as well as sharing general goodwill in regards to the Frisco Chamber of Commerce’ Mission Statement. Ambassadors serve in a variety of volunteer capacities providing assistance to the staff of the Chamber as well as other Chamber partners.

You are invited to serve as an Ambassador with the Chamber – advocating, welcoming, uniting, and promoting business in the Frisco and surrounding area. To become an Ambassador, you must be a Chamber partner in good standing, regularly attend ribbon cuttings, and participate in networking events. Please call Kathy Erickson, staff liaison, at the Chamber office (972) 335-9522 for detailed information. You can also speak to one of our Team Leaders below.

2018 Ambassador Council 
Chairman: David Cheek – Transworld Business Advisors of North DFWTeam Name: David’s Goliath’s
Team Leader: Joe Yanessa – Solutions Automotive – Team Name: Above Average Joe’s
Team Leader: Melanie Nance – Team Nance Homes  Team Name: Nance’s Ninja’s
Team Leader: Suad Bejtovic – J. Hilburn  Team Name: Suad B’s Bees
Staff Liaison – Kathy Erickson – Director of Partner Relations, Frisco Chamber of Commerce

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following partners for their participation in our Ambassador program.  Each partner that has 60% or more will receive a 45 second commercial at our “Get On Track Networking” each week for a month.  Our 100%’rs will receive a 60 second commercial.  Please reach out and thank them by visiting their website (links added) and using their services.

2018 Objectives
1. To conduct a minimum of eight (8) ribbon cutting ceremonies per month.
2. To increase Ambassador participation.
3. To incorporate training into monthly Ambassador Luncheons.

December 2017 Ambassador Numbers


  • Nance’s Ninjas
    • John Talkington
  • Suad’s Bees
    • Suad Bejtovic
    • Larry Wilhelm
  • David’s Goliaths
    • David Cheek
    • Michael Simmons


  • Nance’s Ninjas
    • Melanie Nance
  • Suad’s Bees
    • Flo Ricks
    • Jennifer Luney
    • Brad Huff
    • Oscar Fullmer
  • David’s Goliaths
    • Joe Yannessa

Team of the Month: Suad B’s Bees

Ambassador of the month: John Talkington