City of Frisco Information

The City of Frisco has been recognized by numerous organizations in the past several years. These awards are made possible as a result of the cooperation between community leaders and our great residents.

Some of the awards include:
Fastest Growing • Best Family Friendly • Top 10 Best Place to Relocate • Keep Texas Beautiful • Tree City USA City

Land Area: 72 square miles
Elevation: 800 feet above sea
Coordinates: 33° 9’ 29” N 96° 48’ 47” W
Population: 130,020 (as of February 1st, 2013)
Households: 42,306
Median Age: 34
Males: 51%
Females: 49%
Under 17: 33.3%
Adults with Bachelor’s Degree or greater: 62.1%
Median Household Income: $101, 574

Daily Temperatures:
Average High: 75.8º
Average Low: 55.1º
Coolest Month: January
Warmest Month: July
Percentage of Sunshine: 61%
Average Annual Rainfall: 34.73 in.
Average Rain Days: 79.2 days