Moving to Frisco TX

Our “city with the heart of a town” welcomes you. In this North Texas “boom town”, the residents of Frisco have a sense of community well-being and preservation for the city’s heritage. Residents, government officials and city planners are guided by a small-town spirit as they look forward enthusiastically to the future.

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The Collin County tax bill now includes Collin County, City of Frisco and Collin County Community College district taxes. Those property owners living in Denton County will still receive three statements — one from either Frisco ISD or Lewisville ISD; one from Denton County and one from Collin County, which will bill for the City of Frisco taxes due.

You can pay your taxes in person at the local Collin County office located on the second floor of City Hall, inside the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center, 6101 Frisco Square Boulevard.

The Collin County Tax Assessor-Collector Office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and an additional two hours on Wednesdays (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

For more information, call (469) 362-5800.


Frisco utilities are varied, and the choices that you have for your different services may vary widely based upon your location within the city. Because of the variety of choices by location, we can’t tell you an exhaustive list of who your potential providers may be, but we hope this information helps make your decisions easier.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know which company serves my house?

A: Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules as to which company serves your house. As your neighborhood was being built, the developer chose which company served the neighborhood as a whole, so if you are buying a new house, ask your builder. If you are buying a pre-owned home, ask your real estate agent or the person from whom you are buying the house.

If your home is served by TXU…
As you may know, Texas operates under a deregulated electricity market – that means if your house is served by an investor owned utility (such as TXU) you have the ability to choose from whom you purchase your electricity. If your home is served by TXU, you may use TXU Energy as your retail electric provider, or you may choose any other retail electric provider. The best place to find retail electric providers that can serve your home is by going to and filling in your zip code to see a comparison of available electricity plans.

If your home is served by CoServ…
CoServ Electric is organized as an electric co-op, which is owned by the members (the customers) of the company and governed by a member-electric Board of Directors. Due to this, it is not subject to deregulation, and so you must purchase your electricity through CoServ Electric.
Natural Gas:

Unlike electric service, natural gas service is fully regulated by the State of Texas. There are still two providers in Frisco, but every home will be served by only one of the two. Like electric, there are no determinate location-based rules that govern which natural gas company serves your home. Contact your builder or real estate agent, or call the companies and provide them with your address.
Cable Television:

There are several choices for cable and dish service. Please visit our business directory to see which providers are members of the Chamber of Commerce.
Local Telephone Service:

Like most other utilities, there is a broad range of choices for local telephone service. In Frisco, your options are governed similarly to electric service: that is if your home is served by at&t, you may either choose them as your service provider or you may choose any of the competitive providers. Competitive provider options may be foud in the front of you phone book, or by going to the Public Utility Commission of Texas website at If, however, your home is served by Grande, you will have to purchase your local service through them.
Internet Service Options:

Internet connectivity within Frisco is not regulated, so the options are newarly unlimited. All areas are served by numerous dial-up internet service providers, and high-speed options vary throughout the city. Generally speaking, you will have access through either your cable television provider, your local telephone provider, or in many cases both! In many cases, you also have the choice to purchase high-speed internet access through satellite and other wireless providers. Because internet options are not regulated and change almost daily, we can’t provide an accurate list of options here. Check with your cable television, local phone, or satellite provider, or check local retail electronics stores for current options.
Water, Sewer, Trash and Recycling:

These services are provided by the City of Frisco.
City of Frisco Utilities – (972) 335-5575 –
Still need help or have other utility questions?

Call the City of Frisco between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday at (972) 335.5555 or e-mail at