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Frisco leaders and ambassadors

Mission Statement

To assist in meeting with and supporting new business partnership, retaining and encouraging current memberships, as well as sharing general goodwill to the business community.


  • To engage members in the Frisco Chamber of Commerce
  • To obtain personal career development through monthly Ambassador Luncheon trainings
  • To conduct a minimum of 8 ribbon cuttings per month to welcome and/or celebrate Chamber partners.


Ambassadors have the opportunity to connect with local companies, business leaders, and chamber members while giving back to the business community

Leaders in the Frisco Community

The Ambassadors are a vital team of Chamber Partners dedicated to assisting the Frisco Chamber Board of Directors in meeting with and supporting new business partnerships, retaining, and encouraging current membership, as well as sharing general goodwill in regards to the Frisco Chamber of Commerce’ Mission Statement.Ambassadors serve in a variety of volunteer capacities providing assistance to the staff of the Chamber as well as other Chamber partners. Each partner that has 60% or more will receive a 45 second commercial at our “Get On Track Networking” each week for a month. Our 100%’rs will receive a 60 second commercial.

You are invited to serve as an Ambassador with the Chamber – advocating, welcoming, uniting, and promoting business in the Frisco and surrounding area. To become an Ambassador, you must be a Chamber partner in good standing, regularly attend ribbon cuttings, and participate in networking events.

For additional information, please contact Jody McCaghren, Partner Relations Manager at the Frisco Chamber, or contact one of our Team Leaders below.

2019 Ambassador Council


Team Leader
Team Leader

Team Leader



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