Looking for FREE Social Media Help? Program Expanded!

Looking for FREE promotion on social media?

In an earlier post, we shared the ReachYou initiative, which connects students with businesses needing social media help in exchange for volunteer hours.

ReachYou, was created by two local high school students, Kavin and Isabella to help small businesses through the recovery phase of COVID-19 by using student efforts while helping students to obtain volunteer hours.

This program is designed in a way where students can help promote and advertise for businesses on social media in return for business experience and volunteer hours. The students’ capabilities can range from posting a simple story on Instagram to helping optimize business social media accounts. The majority of the students will work virtually with the business owners.

Introducing the “1-For-1” Program

“We recently started a program called the ‘1-For-1’ program where our team of volunteers uses any ongoing promotions or coupons that a business wants us to promote and makes a social media post with a personalized infographic for that business in exchange for one volunteer hour,” shared the founders of ReachYou. “This is an amazing opportunity for any business that wants free advertising on social media where a personalized infographic will be made accordingly, for an audience of thousands of followers that many of our student volunteers have on their social media platforms. This would allow them to quickly reach hundreds of potential customers through social media outreach!”

In addition to their initial services offered, including product photography and social media promotion, they have already had success with “1-For-1” by promoting Kwench Juice Bar using Instagram stories. 

Interested businesses can fill out the business interest form and check  the “1-For-1” program on the second page.

“We would highly encourage all businesses, especially those in the food industry as those have been the most effective, to participate in our free promotion program!

Other examples of ReachYou’s work includes product photography. 

Photo of Healthy Wrap
Photo of salad on fork
Photo of salad

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