2019 Frisco Chamber of Commerce in the News

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We are always honored when the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is featured in the news! 8/30/19 Frisco Enterprise Chamber Update: Chamber Launches New Database to Connect Students with the Business Community 8/30/19 UT Southwestern Blog: How Healthy is Frisco? 8/02/19 Weekley Words with Mayor Cheney: New Teacher Welcome and Diamonds Direct 7/29/19 CBS11 at 6:00 PM: New Teacher Welcome 7/29/19 CBS11 at 4:30 PM: New Teacher Welcome 7/26/19 Frisco Enterprise Chamber Update: Attracting and Retaining Talent/Legislative Recap 7/03/19 Community Impact: From a blank slate to PGA tournaments: City leaders describe how Frisco got here and where it is going 7/01/19 Frisco STYLE Magazine: Moving on up! 6/21/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: State of the City/Mindbender Academy 6/20/19 Frisco Enterprise: Frisco talks about where it's been and where it's going 6/18/19 Frisco STYLE Magazine: One Dynamic Duo 5/31/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: Frisco 5-Star 5/31/19 Frisco Enterprise Chamber Update: Advocating for your business, Frisco 5-Star 05/23/19 Dallas Morning News: Big Elm? A little Denton County community grows into a city 5/08/19 Dallas Morning News: Join Collin County reporter, local leaders at Plano's Legacy Hall 05/17/19 Dallas Morning News: Is Collin County a suburb of Dallas? 4/26/19 Frisco Enterprise Chamber Update: Chamber supports all 5 bond proposals 4/12/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: Frisco Young Professionals 4/05/19 Community Impact: Frisco shows resilience despite recent national retail closures 4/05/19 Community Impact: Low turnout typical for Frisco’s city and school board elections 3/29/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: Frisco Chamber Candidate Forum 3/21/2019 Frisco Enterprise: Frisco chamber to host candidate forum 03/09/19 Community Impact: Frisco officials look for compromise on tax caps 3/04/19 Lifestyle Frisco: Texas Big Star Half Marathon and 5K Benefits Local Non-Profits 3/01/19 Frisco STYLE Magazine: Frisco Number Ones Gala 2/22/19 Frisco Enterprise Chamber Update: How to hire tomorrow’s leaders today 2/8/19 U.S. News Welcome Home, North Texas Tells Companies 2/8/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: Frisco Chamber Gala 2/01/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: Frisco Healthcare Council 1/25/19 Frisco Enterprise Chamber Update: Letter from the Board Chair 1/04/19 Weekly Words with Mayor Cheney: FCS Championship Game 1/01/19 Frisco STYLE Magazine: Ronald McDonald Open House        

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