Advocacy – The act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.

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One of the most common questions we’re asked about in government relations is, “What exactly is advocacy…What does that mean?”

The dictionary defines advocacy as the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. At the Frisco Chamber, our government relations mission is to inform, educate, engage, and advocate for the business community regarding relevant public policy. The action we take to achieve this includes collaboration with several key stakeholders.

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As members of the North Texas Commission (NTC), the Frisco Chamber serves on the NTC Regional Chamber Coalition. This coalition works to advocate for our regional business community by presenting policy priorities for the North Texas region. How do chamber members benefit from our participation in the NTC? Simply put, a larger constituency can speak on behalf of our region, while at the same time allow your Frisco Chamber to position the needs of our local businesses.

Austin, Texas, USA at the Texas State Capitol

On January 10, 2023, the 88th session of the Texas legislative session officially begins. Just as elected officials are already working on draft legislation, the chamber is simultaneously narrowing down our 2023 Frisco Chamber of Commerce Legislative Agenda. Once adopted, we will publish the agenda on our advocacy page

In the meantime, we invite our business community to reach out and express concerns you would like to see addressed. Areas such as education & workforce, infrastructure, business competitiveness, health & well-being, and local government are focuses of advocacy, the chamber plans to act upon. Please email with any policy and/or legislation thoughts.

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