August Congressional Recess: A Great Time To Visit Your Member Of Congress

Every August, Congress takes a break from it's schedule in Washington D.C. so that members can be in their district for a significant period of time to reconnect with the citizens that they are elected to vote on behalf of. In Frisco, we have two representatives that are very intentional about having face to face conversations with residents of their district. In fact, I was able to attend a Town Hall with Congressman Michael Burgess this week and I have a tour of a Frisco-area hospital scheduled with Congressman Van Taylor in the coming days as well. Congressman Taylor has a 100% meeting policy, which means that if you request a meeting as his constituent, his staff will make sure that you get a meeting with the Congressman. One of the challenges that we have as a business community is that it can be easy to get so caught up in trying to solve the problems we face on a daily basis, that we forget to communicate how we want our elected officials to represent us. That's why the Frisco Chamber of Commerce has a government affairs division to communicate on your behalf. This fall, we will ask members to join us for conversations about the challenges that they see so that our team can work on solutions to those problems. If you would like to have a seat at one of those tables, please let us know. Our communications about the issues that impact us as a chamber are only as effective as our members allow them to be. Participation is critical, not just from members of the Frisco Chamber, but from all members of the Frisco business community in making our voices heard. Elected officials shouldn't only be hearing from us during election season; they need to hear from us year-round. In the coming weeks, the Frisco Chamber will be rolling out a tool to help make that process super easy for you. So what's one thing that you could do right now to help ensure that Frisco remains the best place to live in America? Request a meeting with your member of Congress and talk to them about the issues that we as a Chamber agree impact our businesses. Don't know who your member of Congress is? Now would be a good time to look them up. Our representatives are responsive to those who stand up and make their voices heard, so make sure yours is included.  

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