Leadership Frisco Class Project Summary

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Class Project Summary Class I (97/98)  The Frisco Senior Center
  • In collaboration with the City of Frisco’s Parks and Recreation Department, organized the efforts to develop the building for the Senior Center.
  • friscotexas.gov
Class II (98/99) Friendship Park Play Structure
  • Designed the structure, marshaled volunteers & sponsors
  • Built the children’s wooden play structure at Friendship Park
  • Rebuilt the structure following an arson attack
  • Became part of Frisco Commons Park
Class III (99/00) Clean It & Green It 
  • Tree planting program, planting 2000 trees around Frisco
  • Nexus for the Chunk Your Junk events coordinated by the City
  • friscotexas.gov
Class IV (00/01)  Special Olympics Class V (01/02) Frisco Family Services Center
  • Organized community builder/contractors and monetary donations
  • Remodeled a “new” building for offices & food pantry
  • friscocenter.org
Class VI (02/03) WaterWise
  • Developed a Water education program for the 2nd graders in FISD
  • Created a robot mascot for teaching water conservation to kids
  • Developed sprinkler information tags sent to homeowners
  • friscotexas.gov
Class VII (03/04)  Youth Leadership Frisco
  • Established a Youth Leadership program in Frisco High Schools
  • Semester-long program to learn about Frisco, 10th graders
  • Not currently operating
  • youthleadershipfrisco.org
Class VIII (04/05)  Frisco Cares Children’s Clinic
  • Mobile low-cost medical acute care clinic
  • Children & youth through age 18 in Frisco and FISD
  • Originally open 1 evening per week, all volunteer
  • Borrowed medical “bus”
  • Now has a permanent clinic in downtown Frisco
  • friscocares.com
Class IX (05/06) Teen Court
  • Developed concept, procedures, volunteers for Teen Court
  • Teen minor offenses are “tried” by a jury of their peers
  • Prosecutors, public defenders & jury are teens
  • Held mock trial to showcase it’s benefits
  • Teen Court is now operating in Frisco
Class X (06/07) Boys and Girls Club
  • Assisted with fundraising for new computers and equipment
  • Assisted with building location & painting of computer lab
  • Raised over $50,000 for new mini-bus for Frisco Branch
  • bgccc.org
Class XI (07/08) Mindbender Academy
  • Worked with the FISD to create a camp for 7th-8th grade students to engage them in Science and Math
  • Secured Raytheon, Cisco and Janimation to lead the course content
  • Hands-on demonstration to see how cool Science and Math can be in hopes to encourage them in studies related to Science and Math
  • Secured $22,500 in monetary donations
  • friscoisd.org/mindbender
Class XII (08/09) IamFrisco
  • Demonstrating the multiplier effect of group volunteerism
  • IamFrisco initiative will match Frisco volunteers with needs in the area
  • Raised $36,000 for Frisco Family Services and $8,000 for other area non-profits
Class XIII (09/10) Watch D.O.G.S.
  • Partnered with FISD and Council of PTAs to raise awareness about national father volunteer program
  • Met with parents and administrators at 32 FISD campuses
  • Presented and organized campus “Pizza Nights” to recruit dads
  • fathers.com
Class XIV (10/11) Leadership14 DiscCourse
  • Partnered with Frisco Parks and Recreation to develop Disc Course
  • Collaborated with corporate sponsors & civic groups and organizations to generate sponsorships for all 18 holes
  • Raised over $6800 and managed over 2,000 volunteer hours
Class XV (11/12) Think Global, Act Local
  • Partnered with Frisco Chamber to energize growth for local and international business
  • Transform the Frisco Chamber of Commerce by creating a new look, a new feel, and a modernized multifunctional facility where business owners continue to establish relationships via networking, exchange, game-changing ideas, and grow their businesses
  • leadershipfriscoxv.com
Class XVI (12/13)  Frisco Charities
  • Established a 501( c ) 3 Non-Profit Organization
  • Establish Partnerships with Community Organizations to help generate funding to assist charitable organizations in Frisco
Class XVII (13/14) Boys & Girls Club in Frisco
  • Partnered Boys & Girls Club of Collin County to repair and replace multiple equipment and furnishings in the Frisco Boys & Girls Club
  • Partnered with multiple corporations and small business to raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club of Colin County
  • Raised over $60K.
Class XVIII (14/15) Frisco 5 Star Challenge
  • Partnered with the Frisco Chamber to create a competitive team building competition within the business community
  • Raised money for local Charity
  • Presented $10K to Frisco Fast
  • http://friscofastpacs.org/index.html
Class XIX (15/16) Ready to Read Railroad
  • Partnered with the Frisco Library to create the Ready to Read Railroad in the children’s are at the Frisco Public Library.
  • Designed to help children ages 5 and under develop early literacy skills and other early learning skills for success in kindergarten.
  • Raised over $180,000 through sponsorships with local businesses, foundations, individuals, and held a sports raffle to fund design, build, and installation.
  • friscolibrary.com/librarytrain
Class XX (16/17) Meals on the Move
  • Benefitting Frisco Fastpacs.
  • Donated a truck for meal delivery.
  • More information HERE.
Class XXI (17/18) Community Garden
  • Benefitting Frisco Family Services
  • Help raise funds to update and revamp the Community Garden to increase production, which in turn, would help provide more fresh produce for families in crisis.
  • Use the Community Garden as another way to raise awareness of the need that exists in Frisco.
  • More information HERE.

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