In The News: Frisco Downtown Merchants Creating Support Network

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Jenn Van Dahm and Tony Felker weighed in on the efforts of downtown Frisco merchants in the article by William Wadsack of Community Impact Newspaper. Baer said the Frisco Chamber of Commerce has also been very supportive of the group and its efforts. “They join that call every single day to make sure they understand the impacts on our businesses as well as give us updates and making sure that our businesses have the resources they need,” Baer said. Executive assistant Jenn Van Dahm represents the chamber during the calls and then updates the chamber staff. “The Rail District merchants are playing a crucial part in keeping the downtown community unified,” Van Dahm said via email. “Their support of one another, through daily collaboration, has been the driving force to maneuver through this difficult time.” Chamber President/CEO Tony Felker called the downtown group a “great example” of the partnerships that exist in Frisco. “Over the past years, this group of merchants has collectively brought more awareness to businesses in historic downtown, and now with this crisis has taken it to a new level to support each other and come up with creative solutions during these unprecedented times,” Felker said via email. Read more. Photo credit: Community Impact Newspaper

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