Legislative Agenda: How Do We Decide?

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In our efforts to “protect and promote commerce,” the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs (GA) division looks to be proactive in working with our federal, state, and local elected representatives on policies that might impact regional and local businesses.  Every two years, as our Texas State Legislature ramps up for the next legislative session, the Chamber GA seeks input for our Legislative Agenda that will guide us in our policy positions for the next legislative cycle.  (The Texas State Legislature meets every other year, beginning in January, for 140 days.) The Legislative Agenda provides a foundational framework of issues that are specifically important to Frisco and the Frisco business community.  Many of our issues overlap a fast-growing region, as we understand a strong regional business economy is important to our residents, our employment sector, and our business members at all levels of growth.  Yet, we also understand that being the fastest growing city in the nation leads to some very Frisco specific high growth needs in policies that impact the city of Frisco, Frisco ISD, and our ability to adequately and appropriately handle that growth.  We use our Legislative Agenda to guide us in both support and opposition of policies at all levels of government. So how do we decide what positions make it onto the Legislative Agenda?
  • It starts with taking a look at our 2017 Legislative Agenda. We look at issues that we have supported or opposed in the past, to see if any of those items should be reviewed, updated, tweaked, or even removed.
  • We seek input from our business members by developing relationships with key decision-makers in local businesses of all levels and we personally meet with these leaders face to face in smaller groups to hear directly from them.
  • We reach out to all of our business members through a survey. This survey provides important feedback on the types of issues as well as the size of business impacted by those issues.
  • Our Board of Directors then votes on the proposed upcoming Legislative Agenda. We understand that we will need to focus our GA efforts on those issues that we believe we can actually impact.
  • We also use resources of other groups, associations, and chambers to collaborate on issues in order to be more effective. Whether it’s an issue that affects the State of Texas, the North Texas Region, or the City of Frisco, a rising tide raises all boats and helps our business community to thrive and grow.
So how does this impact YOUR business?  We know not every business will have the same needs or positions on issues.  We are here to help find common goals that will help to “protect and promote commerce” so that you can focus on doing business and doing it well. View our 2019 Legislative Agenda.

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