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Ask ten business leaders what the Frisco Chamber does, and you’ll likely get ten different answers because individual businesses benefit from the chamber in a variety of ways. Within these answers, though, there may be a common theme, such as connections, networking, and resources, but often at the top of the list is “a source of reliable information!”

Unique Position in the Community

A megaphone is one of my favorite visuals to use when describing one of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce’s roles. Chambers of commerce are in a unique position in the community to have a voice. We have connections with community partners coupled with an audience of business owners and leaders. Information flows to us from the city, county, and school district leaders, higher education, and elected officials, to name a few. We, in turn, use our reach to keep our businesses and community informed.

Remember the Pandemic?

Remember when information about shutdowns and essential businesses, social distancing, and mask mandates were flowing in at a head-spinning pace? During the pandemic, it became evident that the Frisco Chamber had a loud voice and a broad reach. Our database of area businesses, comprised of members and nonmembers, allowed us to communicate with the business community promptly. Our team vetted information and ensured our companies remained in the know. We also ensured that our local organizations knew how to get grants and loans to keep them afloat during the tough times.

One of my favorite memories from the pandemic was an email our President/CEO received from downtown business owners Fred and Shannon Hammond of Countdown2Escape. “We just received our Collin County CARES grant. Our first $375 will be for Countdown2Escape’s membership at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. The Frisco Chamber has stepped up and shown up without us being a member. That is servant leadership – the greatest compliment I can offer you.” 

This is just one of many businesses that received vital communication from the Frisco Chamber of Commerce to help survive those tough times. Being able to help our business community is our “why”!

What Now?

Now that the pandemic is over, we continue to be a megaphone for our community in many ways. If you need voting information or want to learn more about the candidates, you can count on us! You can rely on us if you want to learn about our local nonprofits.

Looking to mentor students or participate as a judge in a business competition within the school district? We can help keep you connected via email, social media, and our website.

Frisco ISD ISM students
Crowd at FCS Football Championship

Our restaurants and retail entities can rely on us to share information regarding large events being held in Frisco, such as the Frisco Bowl, the FCS Championship game, and PGA tournaments.

Still want more information? We share the stories of our community in our annual Community Guide. And as we enter the 88th Legislative Session in Texas, you’ll want to be kept informed on legislation that directly affects your business!

Austin State Capitol

We Take Pride in Communicating

In closing, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is proud of one of the many roles we play in the community. Keeping our business community informed is an important task and one we don’t take lightly.

If you are not already receiving our communication, we hope you will take a moment to join our email list, subscribe to our blog, and follow us on social media. The links are at the bottom of this page.

You heard it here, first! 

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