Nominations Open for Three Citizen Awards

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Each year, at the Frisco Number Ones Gala, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce presents three “Citizen” awards in addition to our Business Awards. This year, we are asking the community to nominate individuals that meet the following criteria for these awards. The criteria for the three awards are: The Citizen of the Year Award is given to the outstanding citizen who enhanced our community by their notable contributions and public service. The recipient must reside in Frisco. Contributions to the community must have taken place in 2019 for consideration. The Silver Citizen of the Year Award goes to the person, or persons, who have made long-term contributions to the community or contributions of public service to Frisco over the past 25 years. The recipient(s) must reside in Frisco and be at least 50 years of age. The Spirit of Frisco Award is given to a person who exemplifies love, dedication, commitment, and sincerity towards his or her city and fellow citizens…a person who truly embodies the spirit of our great town. The recipient(s) must reside in Frisco. You can find a list of past winners here. Past winners are eligible to win again. You are able to nominate for one or more categories, however, you can only nominate for one category at a time. Click here to nominate.

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