Plans for Recovering from the Coronavirus

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Good afternoon Frisco Chamber members! It is hard to believe that just a week ago today I was on my way to Nashville for three days of rest and relaxation! While there, I was able to see how “Nashville Strong” was hard at work recovering from the devastating tornados that hit the area. Amazing to see people pitch in, help one another, and recover from such a disaster. Why do I mention that in light of the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in with the Coronavirus? Because, unlike dealing with recovery from a tornado, we are now dealing with something completely different from such a disaster. We are now in uncharted territory and we know that this will ultimately impact all of us and the economy! It is no longer a case of IF this will impact us….it is now only a question of HOW it will impact us and to what magnitude!  I hope and pray that we are over-preparing, but it is already having a massive impact on the economy, not to mention the potential health impact it could have. In that light, I am making the decision that the Frisco Chamber will deal with this crisis on a week-to-week basis. Thursday morning’s Chamber Works will be canceled for next Thursday, March 19, 2020.  We will address other events and groups as needed and we will stay in touch with everyone accordingly.   Please check the Chamber Events Calendar for updates. We have also prepared a resource page on the Frisco Chamber’s website. We will keep this page updated as information comes in. We invite you to take our quick, 2-minute survey so that we can better understand how COVID-19 may be affecting your business. The best that we can do now is to minimize the impact and be ready to recover as quickly as possible. As I said earlier, it is no longer a case of IF this will impact you, your business, and our economy. The question now is HOW this will impact us, and how quickly will we recover!  

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