Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Every fall after a legislative session, voters are asked to make a final decision on specific items that lawmakers have proposed to go into the Texas Constitution. Since Texas’ constitution was adopted in 1876, 498 amendments have been added. The Texas Constitution is the second-longest state constitution by word count. While the ballot order has not been set, here are the 10 items you can expect to vote on this fall:
  1. House Joint Resolution 4 would let the Texas Water Development distribute monies from a flood infrastructure fund for flood prevention-related projects.
  2. House Joint Resolution 12 would double the amount of bonds that can be sold by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to $6 billion.
  3. House Joint Resolution 34 would let the Legislature temporarily lower tax rates on property damaged during a disaster declared by the Governor.
  4. House Joint Resolution 38 would ban the creation of a state income tax
  5. House Joint Resolution 72 allows one person to be elected to multiple cities’ judgeships, which would help smaller communities in the state.
  6. House Joint Resolution 95 creates a tax exemption for precious metals held in the Texas Bullion Depository.
  7. House Joint Resolution 151 would double the annual possible funding amount that General Land Office contributes towards schools, up to $600 million
  8. Senate Joint Resolution 24 would dedicate all revenue from the sporting goods sales tax to state park operators and not allow for lawmakers to move those dollars for other purposes.
  9. Senate Joint Resolution 32 would let police dogs and other law enforcement animals to live with their handler after they retire, which is currently unable to happen due to a section of the Constitution that prevents transferring valuable government property to a private person or organization for free.
  10. Senate Joint Resolution 79 would allow the Texas Water Development Board to sell bonds in order to encourage the construction of water supply and wastewater facilities in economically distressed cities.
Election Day is November 5, 2019.

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