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As part of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan, key initiatives were identified to produce a greater impact on the community. One of the key initiatives we will be working on is Community NonProfit Assistance.

Successful communities are ones where the business community and its employees are engaged in the local community, giving back in terms of volunteer hours, donations/contributions, and providing assistance to local non-profit organizations. The more successful, efficient, and productive this non-profit community is….the better the overall community is and wants to be

We’re always on the lookout for resources for our area NonProfit organizations.

JLCC Nonprofit Excellence Workshop

Community Roundtable: Future of Nonprofits for 2023 and Beyond

Thursday, January 12th at 11:30 AM in the JLCC offices at 5805 Coit Road, Plano, TX.

In a 2022 survey from the Nonprofit Finance Fund, a staggering 88% of nonprofits surveyed said they have changed the way they work, and more than half of those think the changes are here to stay. We have ushered in a post-Covid-19 environment. What will the new normal in the nonprofit sector look like? Let’s hear from the experts!

Who Would Find this Workshop Useful?

Board of Directors Members
Executive Staff
Staff/New Hires
Community Volunteers
Community Members

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