Texas House Begins Redistricting Process

When the Legislature is not in session, the committees will still meet periodically to receive updates on legislation that has been passed, go over issues facing the state, and begin planning out legislation for the next session. This week, the Texas House Committee on Redistricting kicked off its interim hearings. As you probably learned in school, redistricting is a process that's required in the United States Constitution and occurs every 10 years as congressional and legislative district boundaries are redrawn after the Census. The goal of redistricting is simple: to ensure that representation is distributed equally across the state and country. Over the next 14 months, the House committee, as well as a Senate committee, will travel all around the state to take testimony from Texans on what they want the next round of districts to look like. There have already been announced House hearings in Dallas on October 10, 2019, as well as Fort Worth on October 9, 2019, with a hearing in Collin County also expected to be announced. During the hearing on Tuesday, Chairman Phil King released a timeline for the next three years, so that public has an outline of the process: Frisco has as much at stake as any other Texan in the redistricting process, and the Frisco Chamber of Commerce will give you updates throughout the process on its impacts for our city and region. Learn More:

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