Welcome UNT at Frisco

Welcome UNT!

For a special pull-out section in the March 5, 2023 edition of Frisco Enterprise, our President/CEO was asked about the benefits of UNT’s new campus in Frisco.

UNT at Frisco opened its campus in January 2023 with its first building, Frisco Landing. Welcome to Frisco, University of North Texas.

"What does UNT at Frisco mean for Frisco's business community?"

We are thrilled to have such a highly respected institution of higher learning join our community. The benefits of having UNT in Frisco are numerous. First, it will help us continue to attract and retain companies by providing them with access to a highly skilled and educated workforce. In addition, by partnering with area businesses to collaborate on future workforce needs, we can ensure that our students are educated in the skills local employers need most.

Additionally, having a UNT in Frisco will help us stay on the cutting edge in an innovative city. The University of North Texas has a reputation for being a leader in research and development, and we are excited to have their expertise and resources at our fingertips. This partnership will allow us to work together to develop new technologies, products, and services that will benefit our community and beyond.

Another very important benefit of having UNT in Frisco is the ability to retain our students. Our local schools have a reputation for providing an excellent future-ready education, and by having a nearby university, we can retain many of those students in our community. This will help us build a strong, talented workforce and ensure that our students have access to the education and resources they need to succeed locally.

As Frisco continues to grow and develop, UNT at Frisco campus is an important piece of the puzzle, helping to ensure that the city remains a vibrant, thriving community that offers opportunities for everyone. We are excited to see the positive impact that UNT at Frisco will have on our local education system and workforce. We look forward to working with the university to build a bright and prosperous future for our community.

Tony Felker, President/CEO, Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

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