Why I Was in Nashville…and Why Should You Be!!

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In October 2019, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce will host its second Leadership Exchange Trip…this year to Nashville! A few weeks ago, another member of the team and I spent two days in Nashville to look at the various venues, study discussion topics, and visit with community players to better prepare for the upcoming trip. My conclusions after our trip to Nashville…I cannot wait to go back and you should absolutely be planning to join us! Why?
  • The hotel where our group will be staying is unlike anything you have experienced before! Sure, we could have picked a typical hotel, but how would you or Frisco benefit from that? This hotel is special and something that we cannot wait to bring back to Frisco…seriously!
  • The discussion topics involve subjects that are already directly affecting Frisco, as well as topics that are just now beginning to simmer in our community. By exploring these topics NOW in Nashville, and bringing back to Frisco possible solutions and new ideas, it will allow Frisco to proactively work on solving some of these potential problems BEFORE they negatively affect us.
  • Even if you have been to Nashville before, we promise you will see it from a whole new angle and from a much different perspective than ever before. You will also develop a much greater appreciation of the ties and partnerships that are currently present, and will likely only grow, between Nashville and Frisco.
  • And lastly, you will develop relationships and bonds with community and business leaders that you might never be able to develop here in Frisco! As one business person who went on the trip to Scottsdale last year said, “It is one thing to enter an event, walk up to the Mayor and shake his hand! It is quite another to be able to walk up to the Mayor and give him a hug!”
2018 Leadership Exchange Trip Attendees
Yes, Frisco is preparing to go to Nashville this coming October 16-18 and you need to plan to be there! Whether you consider it a marketing expense, a leadership investment, a problem-solving experience, a cultural transformation, or just a chance to look at your business and your community through a fresh perspective…we strongly encourage you to visit with us about Nashville. Frisco is well worth the investment! More information about the 2019 Leadership Exchange trip can be found HERE. Sponsorship opportunities and registration can be found HERE.

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