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Young entrepreneurs: held together by a common interest

Think of the world-changing innovations of the past century. First, the airplane, then communications satellites, and later PCs. All of these remarkable innovations would likely not exist without the pioneering work of entrepreneurial inventors.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) students are held together by a common interest. They want to change the world.

The mission of YEA! is to help local middle and high school students create new businesses, share ideas, and learn from successful business leaders. Students accepted into the YEA! program spend an entire school year developing the skills and confidence necessary for starting and growing their own business. And as a result, they graduate from the program as CEOs of a viable business.

Young entrepreneurs hear from business leaders
YEA competition winner
Young Entrepreneur Class

In this 30-week program, YEA! students learn the skills they need to succeed as entrepreneurs. They see firsthand where companies begin. They learn how to write a business plan, pitch their ideas to investors, and obtain funding.

Through the process of operating a business, students are provided with hands-on experience in planning, critical thinking, and teamwork. Above all, as they learn, they apply new skills throughout the year. Furthermore, students also attend field trips to see real-world examples of entrepreneurial ideas in action.

Local and National Competitions

Each year in the spring, the students compete for funding during an investor panel event. Finally, the overall winner is awarded the opportunity to compete in the YEA! Saunders Scholars Competition. This competition brings together the top student businesses from each YEA! program around the country to compete. The prizes? 

Students can win college scholarship dollars and business start-up prize packages. Watch the final pitch presentation from this year’s 2nd place winners from Frisco, Sajani Silla and Stephanie Gallagher, both Frisco ISD students!

Do you know a student ready to change the world?

If you know a middle or high school student that is ready to change the world, this is a program worth looking into! No need to have experience or even a business idea. Above all, a great attitude and willingness to learn and grow will set the student up for success!

Applications for the 2022-23 Frisco Young Entrepreneurs Academy are now being accepted through August 26, 2022, no later than 5:00 PM. More information at

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