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Downtown Frisco Redevelopment Highlights

Downtown Frisco is undergoing a transformation as part of the Downtown Master Plan Update, with significant improvements aimed at enhancing the urban experience. Here’s a closer look at the four pivotal projects reshaping our city:


Main Street Enhancements

Planned Start: Q2 2024 | Estimated Completion: April 2026

Project Highlights:

  • Pedestrian Focus: Removal of on-street parking to make way for wider sidewalks, complete with benches and trees for a welcoming, walkable environment.
  • Rail Theme: Introduction of a rail-inspired barrier to visually separate east and westbound lanes, integrating the area’s historical essence.
  • Infrastructure Overhaul: Comprehensive replacement of the pavement and upgrades to traffic signals at Main/South County for improved flow and safety.

Elm Street Upgrade

Status: Nearly Complete

Project Highlights:

  • Two-Way Traffic: Elm Street now supports two-way traffic, enhancing accessibility.
  • Street Improvements: Conversion to concrete roadways, addition of on-street parking, and widened sidewalks for better pedestrian access.
  • Enhanced Lighting and Signage: Improved street lighting and new traffic signals at key intersections to ensure safety and ease of movement.

4th Street Plaza Development

Estimated Completion: April 2026

Project Highlights:

  • Community Space: Designed as a key pedestrian connector between Elm and Main, the plaza will offer a space for community events and gatherings.
  • Design Features: A covered path with a rail theme guides visitors, complemented by an amphitheater and large green spaces for public use.

New Parking Garage

Current Phase: Design

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Positioned on the west side of 4th Street to support the increased visitor and resident parking needs.
  • Convenience: Aims to provide ample parking space to facilitate easy access to downtown attractions and businesses.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress in making Downtown Frisco a more accessible, enjoyable, and vibrant community hub.

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