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Leadership Frisco™

Mission Statement:

The mission of Leadership Frisco™ is to develop a pool of qualified, highly motivated individuals who are interested in expanding their leadership skills, deepening their sense of civic responsibility, and becoming more involved in their community as a whole.


Class members and Leadership Frisco™ graduates can utilize skills developed in the program for personal and professional growth and community involvement.


To develop a pool of qualified, highly motivated individuals who are interested in expanding their leadership skills, deepening their sense of civic responsibility, and become more involved in their community.

Leadership Frisco™  is a nine-month community leadership program sponsored by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Each class starts with a team-building day and includes a full day each month dedicated to exploring the inner workings of Frisco’s government, educational system, economic development, service organizations, regional issues, leisure and culture, health services, and public safety. Members will also have the opportunity to learn about and practice skills critical to working with volunteers and groups in the community. Members of the program will also select and complete a class project during their year that benefits Frisco.

Leadership Frisco™ Class XXIII Important Dates

September 6, 2019      Class Intro, Leadership Dynamics, Dinner (mandatory)

September 7, 2019      Ropes Course Team Building (mandatory)

October 4, 2019          Social Services Day

November 1, 2019      Economic Development Day

December 6, 2019       Education Day

January 10, 2020         Health Services Day

February 7, 2020         City Government Day

March 6, 2020             Public Safety Day

April 3, 2020               Leisure & Culture Day

*April 10, 2020           *Bad Weather Make-Up

May 1, 2020                Infrastructure & Servant Leadership Day

June 2020                    Graduation at Frisco Chamber Quarterly Luncheon

Leadership Frisco™ Class Project Summary

Class I (97/98)  The Frisco Senior Center

  • In collaboration with the City of Frisco’s Parks and Recreation Department, organized the efforts to develop the building for the Senior Center.

Class II (98/99) Friendship Park Play Structure

  • Designed the structure, marshaled volunteers & sponsors
  • Built the children’s wooden play structure at Friendship Park
  • Rebuilt the structure following an arson attack
  • Became part of Frisco Commons Park

Class III (99/00) Clean It & Green It 

  • Tree planting program, planting 2000 trees around Frisco
  • Nexus for the Chunk Your Junk events coordinated by the City

Class IV (00/01)  Special Olympics

Class V (01/02) Frisco Family Services Center

  • Organized community builder/contractors and monetary donations
  • Remodeled a “new” building for offices & food pantry

Class VI (02/03) WaterWise

  • Developed a Water education program for the 2nd graders in FISD
  • Created a robot mascot for teaching water conservation to kids
  • Developed sprinkler information tags sent to homeowners

Class VII (03/04)  Youth Leadership Frisco

  • Established a Youth Leadership program in Frisco High Schools
  • Semester-long program to learn about Frisco, 10th graders
  • Not currently operating

Class VIII (04/05)  Frisco Cares Children’s Clinic

  • Mobile low-cost medical acute care clinic
  • Children & youth through age 18 in Frisco and FISD
  • Originally open 1 evening per week, all volunteer
  • Borrowed medical “bus”
  • Now has a permanent clinic in downtown Frisco

Class IX (05/06) Teen Court

  • Developed concept, procedures, volunteers for Teen Court
  • Teen minor offenses are “tried” by a jury of their peers
  • Prosecutors, public defenders & jury are teens
  • Held mock trial to showcase it’s benefits
  • Teen Court is now operating in Frisco

Class X (06/07) Boys and Girls Club

  • Assisted with fundraising for new computers and equipment
  • Assisted with building location & painting of computer lab
  • Raised over $50,000 for new mini-bus for Frisco Branch

Class XI (07/08) Mindbender Academy

  • Worked with the FISD to create a camp for 7th-8th grade students to engage them in Science and Math
  • Secured Raytheon, Cisco and Janimation to lead the course content
  • Hands-on demonstration to see how cool Science and Math can be in hopes to encourage them in studies related to Science and Math
  • Secured $22,500 in monetary donations

Class XII (08/09) IamFrisco

  • Demonstrating the multiplier effect of group volunteerism
  • IamFrisco initiative will match Frisco volunteers with needs in the area
  • Raised $36,000 for Frisco Family Services and $8,000 for other area non-profits

Class XIII (09/10) Watch D.O.G.S.

  • Partnered with FISD and Council of PTAs to raise awareness about national father volunteer program
  • Met with parents and administrators at 32 FISD campuses
  • Presented and organized campus “Pizza Nights” to recruit dads

Class XIV (10/11) Leadership14 DiscCourse

  • Partnered with Frisco Parks and Recreation to develop Disc Course
  • Collaborated with corporate sponsors & civic groups and organizations to generate sponsorships for all 18 holes
  • Raised over $6800 and managed over 2,000 volunteer hours

Class XV (11/12) Think Global, Act Local

  • Partnered with Frisco Chamber to energize growth for local and international business
  • Transform the Frisco Chamber of Commerce by creating a new look, a new feel, and a modernized multifunctional facility where business owners continue to establish relationships via networking, exchange, game-changing ideas, and grow their businesses

Class XVI (12/13)  Frisco Charities

  • Established a 501( c ) 3 Non-Profit Organization
  • Establish Partnerships with Community Organizations to help generate funding to assist charitable organizations in Frisco

Class XVII (13/14) Boys & Girls Club in Frisco

  • Partnered Boys & Girls Club of Collin County to repair and replace multiple equipment and furnishings in the Frisco Boys & Girls Club
  • Partnered with multiple corporations and small business to raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County
  • Raised over $60K.

Class XVIII (14/15) Frisco 5 Star Challenge

  • Partnered with the Frisco Chamber to create a competitive team building competition within the business community
  • Raised money for local Charity
  • Presented $10K to Frisco Fastpacs

Class XIX (15/16) Ready to Read Railroad

  • Partnered with the Frisco Public Library to create the Ready to Read Railroad in the children’s are at the liibrary,  to help children ages 5 and under develop early literacy skills.
  • Raised over $180,000 through sponsorships with local businesses, foundations, individuals, and held a sports raffle to fund design, build, and installation.

Class XX (16/17) Meals on the Move

  • Benefitting Frisco Fastpacs.
  • Donated a truck for meal delivery.
  • More information HERE.

Class XXI (17/18) Community Garden

  • Benefitting Frisco Family Services
  • Help raise funds to update and revamp the Community Garden to increase production, which in turn, would help provide more fresh produce for families in crisis.
  • Use the Community Garden as another way to raise awareness of the need that exists in Frisco.
  • More information HERE.

Class XXII (18/19) Little Free Libraries

  • More information HERE.

Leadership Frisco™ Class XXII Project

After thoughtful deliberations and discussions, the members of Leadership Frisco™ Class XXII realized that the issue we felt most strongly about is children’s education. To inspire the love of reading for the youngest members of our community and to spark their creativity, we decided to create a number of Little Free Libraries and install them throughout Frisco.

Little Free Libraries (LFLs) will be gathering points that foster book exchanges for the youth, facilitating the digital detoxing that a lot of them desperately need. 

Because partnerships are a significant part of Frisco’s culture, it was important to Class XXII to engage the community. First, area businesses and individuals were contacted to sponsor the Little Free Libraries, providing both locations and funding. Home Depot assisted with materials that then allowed Frisco ISD construction students at Centennial, Frisco, and Reedy High Schools and the CTE Center to begin construction on over twenty Little Free Libraries. Half Price Books generously donated 35 boxes of books to initially fill the libraries with books for all ages. Even the Frisco Public Library was utilized to engrave the placards placed on each Little Free Library. The class itself put in numerous working hours staining posts, stamping books, and delivering the libraries to various locations. A special thanks to Frisco Fence and Stain who jumped in and will soon be digging holes and installing Little Free Libraries all over Frisco!

As of June 1, 2019, existing charters listed on are in blue. In red are new locations as a result of Leadership Frisco Class XXII’s project which will start being listed on the Little Free Library website as early as this week. Below is additional information on where to find the newest Little Free Libraries in and around our city.

 You are invited to support the project either by donating funds, helping with construction, or spreading the word! Donate HERE.





Reasons to participate or invest in an employee?

  • Class members work in groups to complete a community service project. This requires everyone to practice project management skills, learn traits of effective teamwork, assess their individual strengths and weaknesses and use organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Class members interact with one another and with instructors, facilitators, and speakers, increasing their network and making valuable connections with people from a variety of backgrounds and industries within our community.
  • Class members are exposed to a wide variety of perspectives about the community. Each class session focuses on a different topic, ranging from business ethics and nonprofits to diversity and education. This helps them understand our community better and the resources available, which contributes to job performance.

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