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Letter From the Frisco Chamber President

Welcome to Frisco! Whether you are one of this year’s 10,000+ newest residents, or a long-time resident, are visiting or relocating to our city, we are glad you are looking to learn more about one of the fastest-growing, highest-quality, and most business-friendly communities anywhere in the country!

“Partnership” is a word synonymous with Frisco. As you spend time here, you will come to learn that our incredible
community did not happen by accident. Frisco has long had a history of community partners working together in a way that is not seen in many other communities.

I moved to Frisco in 1997, became part of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce staff in 2004, and, since that time, have seen both the community and landscape evolve drastically! The population has grown from 16,000 residents in 1997 to over 200,000…and there is still so much more to come with a projected population that may one day be around 300,000 at build-out! We are still going strong - approximately 30% of our land is still available for development! Included in the available land is 2,500 contiguous acres in the Field’s Development in the northern part of the city. This development includes 600-acres being developed for the PGA World Headquarters in a partnership announced in 2018.

Frisco’s growth, with new development and redevelopment projects, means more jobs for Frisco residents, increased sales tax revenue, stable property taxes, and more opportunities for everyone!

Frisco continues to add to our city’s long list of accolades, and in 2019 topped the list as the number one city for job growth and the number two city for purchasing a home. In 2018, Money Magazine named Frisco the “Best Place to Live in America,” and while it would be easy to sit back and look at the successes of the past years, one thing you will find is that we do not coast here in Frisco. Our business and community leaders are always moving forward…embracing innovation, cutting-edge technology, and forming new partnerships to enhance our city.

While the community as a whole is experiencing amazing growth, the Frisco Chamber staff is also working hard to stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing business climate. This year, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is celebrating our 50th anniversary! Looking ahead, the primary focus of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce will continue to serve as the “Voice of Business” and be problem-solvers when needed, advocating for what is best for the business community, thereby contributing to and improving the entire North Texas region.

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce received a 5-Star Accreditation by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2019, a designation we proudly display. Currently, only 217 of 7,000 chambers of commerce in the U.S. are accredited and only 1.5% hold a 5-Star accreditation. In 2014, the Frisco Chamber received a 4-Star Accreditation on our first-ever attempt at accreditation. Continuous improvement!

Whether you live, work, or are just visiting Frisco, we look forward to helping you make the most of your time here. It won’t take you long to figure out why Frisco is #1 in so many ways and why partnerships have been and will continue to be vital to our success. We look forward to you being a part of all that is happening here in Frisco!

Tony Felker

President and CEO
Frisco Chamber of Commerce



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