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Letter From the Frisco Chamber President

At the end of each year, it is natural to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the coming year. There is no doubt that the Frisco Chamber of Commerce achieved several accomplishments in 2018, all which will be used as stepping stones for even larger achievements in 2019. However, as I say often, we don’t coast here in Frisco and there is more work to be done!

In 2018, we stepped up our advocacy efforts, focusing on problem-solving and governmental affairs at the local, regional, and state levels. While we were once a “thermometer” in the community, telling everyone about the business climate and what is going on in our area, we have now become a “thermostat” for the business community, actively engaging and being a strong driver and catalyst for change in the business community.

This past year, we strengthened our partnerships on many levels, reminding ourselves that together we can do what one cannot do alone! From working with a consultant to realigning our membership team to better serve our members, to aligning ourselves with other chambers on regional initiatives, we have made a positive impact in many areas.

Looking ahead, we have adopted a few key words for 2019…to stay HUNGRY on our end to help our businesses achieve success, to FOCUS our efforts, making sure they align with our mission statement, and to continue to CHALLENGE the way we do things at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

With five generations now in the workforce, we realize that moving forward, we can’t be your grandfather’s chamber, not even your father’s chamber…we must seek new ways to stay relevant to the current workforce and become a chamber of the future.

I once heard one of my counterparts say, “Chambers do the things that people think just happen!” and I find that to be so true! Much of what we do is behind the scenes and in 2019, you can rest assured that we will continue to work hard to keep Frisco business-friendly and also the best place to live in America.

Tony Felker, CCE, IOM
President and CEO
Frisco Chamber of Commerce



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