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Letter From the Frisco Chamber Board Chair

I moved to Collin County in 1974 and to Frisco in 2001. In the time I have lived in the North Texas region, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of growth not only in population but in the business sector as well. As both a resident and business leader, I recognized early-on the potential for Frisco to become a well-rounded city, one that checks all of the boxes and includes arts and culture, sports, a revitalized downtown, entrepreneurism, and walkability, to name a few.

Having opened an additional office in Frisco fourteen years ago with five attorneys and a small staff, today our Frisco location has grown to thirty attorneys and fifteen additional staff members. We have experienced business growth first-hand, realizing along the way the value of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce to businesses of all sizes. 

This year marks the 49th year of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce being a leading influence in our community’s development and success. I am honored to serve as the 2019 Chair of the Board at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. As I look forward to the coming year, I am excited to see that the Frisco Chamber of Commerce will continue on the steady course we are on, yet with a broader, more regional focus. We will continue to advocate at the local, state, and regional levels, forming partnerships and aligning ourselves with communities that are facing similar legislative issues, allowing us to achieve a more unified and impactful outcome on policies that have an impact on the business community. 

As corporate presence relocates to or grows within Frisco, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is aware that we will continue to attract more businesses desiring to invest in broader priorities, those that shape the economic environment in Frisco. This will allow the Frisco Chamber to intentionally have a more transformational, rather than transactional, mindset. 

Frisco is a city based on innovation and partnerships. On behalf of our forward-thinking community, I applaud the efforts of the Frisco Chamber Board of Directors, Frisco Chamber team members, business leaders, and community partners, all who continually set high standards, seek out innovative partnerships, and then continue to raise the bar on a daily basis. 

Whether you are our newest resident, a long-time resident, a first-time visitor, or an aspiring business owner contributing to the growth of an outstanding business climate, I welcome you to a city like no other!


C. John Scheef, III

2019 Chair of the Board
Scheef & Stone, LLP



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