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Letter from the 2021 Chair of the Board

Photo of Matthew Reiter

Eight years ago, my wife and I made the decision to move to Frisco with our two young sons and our even younger daughter.  It was a decision based on many factors but the real driving decision was whether this was a community with strong schools, a family focus, and also a focus on strong local leadership that had the right priorities and character.  If you ask either one of us, or any of our three kids, all of us would say we made the right decision.

Fast forward to 2020, as we continue to persevere during one of the most challenging and unprecedented periods of our nation’s history, Frisco continues to thrive and reinforce the strength of the considerations we had eight years ago.  During this period, Frisco has continued to accumulate accolades in 2020 including #1 Most Recession-Proof City, #2 Best City for Jobs after Graduation, and #3 Best Real Estate Market in the U.S. 

Even with these tremendous accolades, our community and its businesses have not been immune to the economic challenges that exist.  Frisco businesses have experienced setbacks, especially in the areas of restaurant, retail, and hospitality which have been areas of significant focus for the city.  Through all of this, I am proud that the Frisco Chamber has continued its programs and its promotion of the Frisco business ecosystem.

Rather than continue to dwell on the challenges of the past year, I prefer to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead for Frisco as we continue to foster an environment for entrepreneurship while experiencing the benefits of significant corporate relocations and expansions. Additionally, Frisco continues to see significant growth in key innovation industries including healthcare, technology, and distribution and logistics. These represent key industries for the future of the city.

It is my great pleasure to have served on the Board of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce since 2016 and it is an even greater pleasure to have the opportunity and distinction to serve as the Chair of the Board during 2021.  The Frisco Chamber, including its leadership, staff, and members, are an integral part of the success of Frisco and I look forward to being a part of that continued success. 

Matthew Reiter, CPA

Whitley Penn

2021 Frisco Chamber Chair of the Board



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