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Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025


The creation of our new strategic plan for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce became a reality thanks to the efforts of our Board of Directors and chamber staff. Our overarching goal for the future is to remain relevant and essential to our businesses and be a more purposeful and productive resource to the community. Our new strategic plan connects this vision to strategic initiatives, priorities, and goals, and once completed, it will focus on three main areas – Workforce Issues and Advocacy, Small Business Ecosystem, and Community  Non-Profit Assistance. A fourth initiative, Financial Literacy, will be woven into the other three initiatives.

To better understand and explore where the Frisco Chamber could make the most impact for our  business community, five “Solutions Groups” were set up, each being led by a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

HR manager interviewing job candidate


Small business entrepreneur at cafe entrance using digital tablet


Workers of the non profit organization distributing donations


Our Goals

To remain essential to the community by supplying more purposeful and productive resources. Goals set in the last strategic
plan is to remain service-oriented and be problem-solvers. In addition, we will go a level deeper to impact key areas of the
community that will make a long-lasting impact and truly transform where we are as an organization.

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