2015 Legislative Agenda

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The Frisco Chamber of Commerce serves one of the fastest growing cities and business communities in the region and Texas with over 1100 members who represent over 75,000 employees as a voice for business. The 2015 Legislative Priorities serve as a public policy guide to inform our members, our elected officials and the community at large of the position of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce on issues that impact businesses in Frisco and North Texas.


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce takes an active role in advocacy for fair business taxes and tax incentives to encourage small, medium and large business growth, stimulate hiring and increase revenues that help bolster economic development. The Chamber establishes policy positions and legislation that promotes business start-up, growth and sustainable revenue. The Chamber’s goal is to inform and educate membership about the business tax implications and communicate the opinions, objections and importance to the policy makers.


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce serves as a lead advocate for policies and initiatives that support local development and strategic economic development for the City of Frisco. The Chamber recognizes the importance of supporting legislation and local government action which encourages a strong business climate and growing economic opportunities.


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce works within the political realm to advocate positions important to education for future economic growth, including adequate funding mechanisms to meet the growth demand of the educational system. The educational system must continue to provide standards of excellence for educational programs and facilities to prepare its students to be college or workforce ready.


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce recognizes the necessity of affordable dependable energy to promote economic development and growth. The Chamber provides a voice and advocacy on behalf of business for policies, laws and regulations that promote low-cost and reliable power supplies. Actions are supported to increase power generation in Texas in the future to accommodate demand growth. Development of clean energy supplies should be promoted without new mandates or other actions that may reduce reliability or increase costs.


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce supports innovative, business-friendly solutions to the current healthcare environment. The Chamber seeks to inform and promote solutions that decrease cost, expand access, and increase the quality of healthcare for the Frisco business community and its members that will mitigate rising costs and regulations


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce recognizes that transportation infrastructure is vital for economic growth. The Chamber supports transportation infrastructure to improve future economic growth, including adequate funding mechanisms to meet demand and projected growth. Deteriorating roads, bridges and worsening congestions have raised the price of doing business through increased maintenance costs, wasted fuel and delayed shipments. Local, State and Federal investment in transportation infrastructure plays an essential role in protecting public safety and promoting commerce.


The Frisco Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of water as it relates to the local growing community and the economic health of the region. A high quality, affordable and abundant water supply and healthy infrastructure are necessary for the city of Frisco and its surrounding neighbors' continued growth and expansion. The Chamber supports fiscally responsible policies, laws and regulations at the local, state and federal level that promote expansion and rehabilitation of infrastructure and the availability of water resources. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce will work with local and statewide partners to advocate for policies and projects that increase quantity and quality of water to the city of Frisco and the region in order to spur further development and economic growth.

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