2017 Legislative Agenda

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The Frisco Chamber of Commerce acts as THE voice of and advocate FOR business


  1. The government shall do no harm to the Frisco area business community or economy.
  2. The government should limit taxes and government regulation except when doing so would constrain business growth.
  3. The government should focus on issues and priorities that foster a favorable business community and job growth in the region, including streamlining processes.
  4. The government should maintain local control by keeping as many decisions and regulations as possible at the governance level closest to the people.
  5. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce will take a “long-term” perspective in all of our advocacy efforts ... not trading our future for short-term gains.
  6. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce will advocate for legislation that promotes or maintains a fair and competitive business environment.


KEY ISSUES Traffic, infrastructure, funding

  • Recognize the need for improved and increased infrastructure both within the region and on major transportation arteries.
  • Promote legislation that increases transportation funding.
  • Promote continued funding of the Highway Trust Fund.
  • Promote infrastructure that allows for the safe and economical transport of goods.
  • Promote legislation and funding that maintains and rehabilitates existing and aging infrastructure.
  • Promote innovative solutions to provide for 21st Century transportation needs

Economic Development

KEY ISSUES Business growth, job growth, incentive programs

  • Promote legislation that supports and encourages local job growth and a business friendly climate.
  • Promote legislation that encourages statewide job growth and business expansion.
  • Promote legislation and programs, such as the EDC, Tax-Increment Financing (TIF), and other economic development tools that retain and attract new and existing businesses.
  • Promote continued funding for economic development programs, such as the Texas Enterprise Fund and 4A/4B funding for state and local economic growth.

Business Regulation

KEY ISSUES Over-regulation, taxes, unfunded mandates

  • Promote legislation that reduces red tape and constricts business growth.
  • Promote legislation that encourages competition locally and globally.
  • Promote legislation that limits tax requirements that stifle business growth at all levels.
  • Oppose legislation that limits the ability of the business community to engage in electoral and policy-making arenas.
  • Support legislation that decreases the unlimited regulatory power of agencies, such as the EPA and the DOL.
  • Support initiatives that increase trade opportunities for businesses.
  • Support programs that encourage trade initiatives, such as the EXPORT/IMPORT Bank.
  • Support initiatives that allow US businesses to compete fairly in a global economy.

Local Control

KEY ISSUES Property taxes, unfunded mandates, local regulations

  • Allow and promote decision making at the city and county levels rather than the state and federal levels.
  • Support legislation that provides for effective and transparent budgeting and fiscal policies at the local levels.
  • Oppose legislation that creates unfunded mandates at the city and county levels.
  • Support policies that allow the local government to improve the local business community.
  • Promote legislation that provides for federal and/ or state funding required to be implemented at the local level.


KEY ISSUES FISD funding, higher education, workforce development

  • Promote legislation that adequately addresses Texas public school financing, including appropriate funding of high-growth school districts, such as FISD.
  • Promote workforce development education programs to cultivate a skilled workforce.
  • Promote and support the partnerships of 4-year university programs with Collin College.
  • Promote higher education development to allow Collin College to create appropriate studies programming to meet the growing job needs across the region.
  • Promote legislation that partners with educational leadership and teachers to develop curriculum for increased and effective


KEY ISSUES Clean and abundant water supply, infrastructure, fair conservation measures for drought

  • Promote legislation that provides ample funding for developing water resources across the region.
  • Promote legislation that supports funding for building, maintenance, and rehabilitation of new and aging infrastructure.
  • Promote responsible policies and projects that increase the quantity and quality of water for the city and the region to further economic growth.


KEY ISSUES Maintaining and promoting cost-effective and reliable energy supplies

  • Promote legislation that ensures continued affordable and dependable electricity for Frisco businesses.
  • Oppose regulations and legislation that restrict ready access to affordable electricity or which raise electricity prices unnecessarily.
  • Support legislation and regulatory actions that promote necessary and well planned energy infrastructure development.
  • Support legislation and regulatory actions that promote cost-effective oil, refined oil products and natural gas to assure an abundant fuel supply and low fuel prices that encourage economic development.


KEY ISSUES Cost of care, quality of care, appropriate funding

  • Promote policies supporting market-based healthcare solutions that increase access and choice of healthcare programs.
  • Support eliminating state and federal mandated benefits that significantly increase cost to employers and employees.
  • Promote legislation that supports IT initiatives such as telemedicine, where possible to reduce costs and enhance care.
The Frisco Chamber of Commerce serves one of the fastest growing cities and business communities in the region and Texas with over 1,300 members who represent over 75,000 employees as a voice for business. Contact Shona Huffman Director of Governmental Affairs shuffman@friscochamber.com

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