Board Recommends a NO Vote

Frisco Chamber Board of Directors Recommend a NO Vote on Proposition A & Proposition B

On May 4, 2024, a Special Election, in conjunction with the General Election, will be on the ballot for City of Frisco voters.

Proposition A – Adoption of the fire fighters’ and police officers’ civil service law for the Frisco Fire Department.”

Proposition B – Adoption of the state law applicable to fire fighters that establishes collective bargaining if a majority of the affected employees favor representation by an employees association, preserves the prohibition against strikes and lockouts, and provides penalties for strikes and lockouts for the Frisco Fire Department.”

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, after hearing presentations from those supporting and opposing Propositions A and B and conducting due diligence with key stakeholders in the business community, recommends a vote of NO on both Propositions A and B.

This recommendation is in alignment with our following Legislative Priorities:

Local Control

·       Support policies that allow the local government to improve the local business community.

·       Oppose legislation that would limit a local municipality’s ability to make sound decisions directly related to the well-being of the business community.

Emergency Management/Disaster Recovery

·       Allow and promote decision-making at the City and County levels to appropriately address the needs of the business community and the community at large.

It’s important to note that the Frisco Fire Department has earned international accreditation and a Class 1 Protection Classification. Our fire department is exceptional, thanks to the dedication of the firefighters, paramedics, and all who serve in it.

If the ballot measures pass, the union has stated it would push for additional staffing requirements that the City of Frisco estimates would cost more than seven million dollars. This would place an undue financial burden upon businesses and taxpayers.

What is Civil Service and Collective Bargaining?

The City of Frisco provides an FAQ that explains Civil Service and Collective Bargaining, along with the potential effects here in Frisco.

In short, if passed, this would eliminate the City of Frisco from having local control over numerous aspects of the Fire Department’s daily operations, including human resources & compensation issues. Instead, an outside labor union, of which the Frisco Firefighter’s Association (union) is a member, would direct negotiations that impact our firefighters and community.

Why is the Frisco Chamber Taking a Stance on Props A & B?

Our advocacy efforts are driven by our government affairs mission to inform, educate, engage, and advocate for the business community regarding relevant public policy. Supported by our Legislative Priorities, our position to vote NO on Proposition A and Proposition B is extremely relevant to the businesses and community at large.

Where Can I Learn More?

To learn more about how Civil Service and Collective Bargaining can negatively impact our city, visit the website There, you can learn more about the true costs of Propositions A & B, financially and their impacts on our nationally recognized fire department of excellence.

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