Community leaders? Learning together? Bringing back new ideas to Frisco? Will you be on board?

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Watch the announcement video here. At a responsible growth roundtable discussion with top leaders in Frisco, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce announced plans for a new event, the Frisco Smart City Leadership Exchange, a three-day trip designed to give Frisco’s community leaders, elected officials, and business owners and leaders, the opportunity to visit and study select high-growth cities. The inaugural trip, which will take place October 17 through 19, 2018, will take a delegation of approximately 50 Frisco leaders to Scottsdale, Arizona. Leaders from both cities will interact in hope of exchanging ideas in areas such as responsible growth, education, innovation, transportation, workforce development, and the arts. “Each year, the Frisco Chamber will select a city or region that has already tackled some of the challenges that exist or could potentially exist in Frisco and North Texas, as well as explore innovative ways to capitalize on opportunities that arise,” shared Tony Felker, President/CEO of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.  “Scottsdale is one of the cities that we feel we can benefit from lessons learned from their incredible growth to make our own region smarter and more sustainable.” This year’s destination city was chosen for several reasons. With a population of almost 250,000, Scottsdale has seen incredible population growth throughout its history. In the year 2000, the growth rate was reported at nearly 56%.  And like Frisco, Scottsdale also has a Council-Manager form of city government, which combines strong political leadership of elected officials with that of an appointed city manager. Scottsdale is home to a significant corporate presence including GoDaddy, HonorHealth, Yelp, and regional operations such as CVS Health. Technology companies and young professionals are attracted to the Scottsdale area due to its retail, dining, nightlife, and the arts. Scottsdale is also home to SkySong, ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, a mixed-use project that features Class A commercial office space and is home to startups through Fortune 500 companies and includes retail, restaurants, hotel, and apartment components. In an announcement video released by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Felker said, “Our goal for this year is to take the best practices of Frisco to Scottsdale and bring back the best practices of Scottsdale to Frisco.” “The goal this year was to find a city that has similarities to Frisco but isn’t just like us,” shared Christi Wilson, Director of Events at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. “We were looking for a city that has already experienced some of the issues we are currently facing or will face in Frisco.” The Presenting Sponsor of the Frisco Smart City Leadership Exchange trip is Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Registration and more information can be found  HERE.

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