Event Recap: 2023 Innovation Luncheon

The recent Innovation Luncheon by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce was more than just a gathering—it was an exploration of Frisco’s rise as a beacon for business innovation. Industry leaders came together to discuss and celebrate the city’s transformative business scene.

Frisco by the Numbers

Christal Howard, Interim President/CEO of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and Stefanie Wagoner of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation (EDC) began with some eye-opening statistics that set the stage: Frisco is now home to an impressive 349 startups and five Fortune 500 innovation R&D hubs. These numbers aren’t just figures—they tell a story of a city that’s rapidly becoming a nexus for innovation and business growth.

Why Frisco?

The panelists were unanimous in their praise for Frisco. The city offers a blend of top-notch talent, community support, and resources, making it a hotspot for innovation. Steven Christopher from Comerica Bank highlighted, “Frisco boasts some of the best cybersecurity talent in the country.” The vibrant atmosphere of the city fosters collaboration, making it an ideal place for businesses to flourish.

Frisco's Evolution

From a small town to a bustling city, Frisco’s journey is noteworthy. With a strategic focus on sectors like health care, fintech, and sports, the city has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation. As Wagoner pointed out, a well-educated workforce drives much of this innovation, noting that 68% of Frisco’s labor pool holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Empowering the Next Generation

Frisco’s forward-thinking shines through initiatives like the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. Introduced to Frisco by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Frisco ISD, and Frisco EDC, this program plants the seeds of entrepreneurship in young minds, ensuring a bright future for the city.

Company Highlights

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions: Shyam Venkataraman showcased groundbreaking solutions in retail tech, changing the way we shop.

GEA North America: Saad Toosy took us behind the scenes at GEA, emphasizing their impact on the food industry and their dedication to sustainability.

Comerica Bank: Steven Christopher shed light on Comerica’s upcoming Business and Innovation Hub in Frisco, underlining the bank’s commitment to the community.

Talent Magnet

The emphasis on Frisco’s talent pool was evident throughout. With strong collaborations with universities and robust internship programs, Frisco is actively shaping its future leaders.

Innovation at its Core

Shyam Venkataraman captured the essence of innovation perfectly, “Innovation is about combining inventions with practical use.” It’s about making great ideas accessible to everyone.


Christal Howard concluded the event by acknowledging the city’s collective efforts in shaping its innovative landscape. For those in attendance, and those reading, the message was clear: Frisco is on the move, and its journey is only just beginning.

Stay Engaged

Dive deeper into Frisco’s innovative journey by exploring the Frisco Chamber’s intern/ mentor database, or the Women Enhancing Business Innovation event. And remember, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce always has more in store. Stay connected, stay curious!

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