Investing in Professional Development: Connect, Grow, Lead, Give Back

Our commitment to our tagline, “connect, grow, lead, give back,” is at the heart of our “Why.” It’s a vision we uphold for our members and within our organization. This past week, this commitment was exemplified in a unique way as three of our team members attended the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE) annual conference, a three-day immersive learning experience, which was held in Odessa, Texas, this year. (We even got to catch up with our friends and Frisco-based business, Community Matters.)

Connect and Grow

The conference offered an exceptional opportunity to connect with peers from across the state. Attending such events allows us to build relationships and forge collaborations that strengthen our professional competence and ability to serve our members better. This conference echoed our belief that a strong network builds stronger leaders and communities.

The presentations at the conference covered a vast range of relevant topics, and we’re proud to say that our team presented or moderated at four of the break-out sessions. By presenting, we demonstrated leadership and expertise and contributed to the growth and development of others in the chamber industry.

The various sessions provided crucial insights into the chamber industry’s latest strategies, trends, and best practices. As we absorb this new knowledge, we’re better equipped to create innovative solutions for our business community, ultimately contributing to our community’s success and overall prosperity.

Leadership, another key part of our tagline, was demonstrated and nurtured at the conference. When we invest in our professional development, we build on our ability to lead – guiding our organization and members toward new opportunities and continued success. By presenting at the conference, our team not only demonstrated leadership but also inspired others to explore their potential.

Finally, ‘giving back’ took on a unique significance this year as Tony Felker, our President/CEO announced his retirement. Over the last two decades, Tony has shared his knowledge, insights, and experiences to enable other chamber leaders to better support the communities and businesses they serve.

Another highlight was honoring milestones in the chamber industry. Our very own office manager, Roz Righetti, was named from the podium for celebrating over 20 years in the industry!

Congratulations to Roz and other chamber professionals that have served their communities over many years.

Investing in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Our involvement in the TCCE annual conference is a powerful reminder of why we value professional development so highly. By investing in ourselves, we can better live out our tagline to connect, grow, lead, give back. Investing in knowledge pays the best interest, and our continued commitment to professional development is proof of that philosophy.

This experience has been a testament to the transformative power of the many things our chamber does. As we carry these lessons into our everyday work, we remain committed to providing our members the best possible service.

Together, we can create a brighter future for our community.

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