New Laws Going into Effect.

Austin State Capitol

In odd-numbered years following a Legislative Session, it is typical to see many new laws going into effect. This year is no different. On September 1, 2021, 666 new laws went into effect.

SB 1, the State Budget is the largest bill that went into effect. This bill is the only bill, per the State Constitution, that the legislature must take up. SB 1 87(R) is a two-year, approximately $250 Billion budget for State Agencies and State Programs. This covers everything from public and higher education to roads, rural hospitals, and economic development. Governor Abbott did line-item veto a portion of the state budget that funds the legislature. This was a move to apply political pressure to the Texas House to ensure Abbott’s priority bills would be addressed in a special session. 

After a walkout by the Texas House Democrats in the first Special Legislative Session, Abbott ultimately won. His priorities passed and funding was resorted to the Legislative Branch in the Second Called Special session through HB 5 87(2).

For more information on additional laws, follow this link to the Texas Tribune.

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