Redistricting Recap

Austin State Capitol

Every ten years following the census, the state legislature is tasked with redrawing political maps for the State House, State Senate, State Board of Education, and the U.S. Congressional seats. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal timeline for this process was pushed back to the fall. On October 25, 2021, Governor Abbott signed into law all four of these maps. Starting after the 2022 elections, Frisco will have new representation in Austin and Washington D.C. Some of the current representatives will continue to represent Frisco, but due to the rapid growth in the North Texas region, there will be some changes.

The following is a list of the new districts that will represent Frisco starting in 2023:

  • State House
    • HD 106 Patterson*
    • HD 66 Shaheen*
    • HD 61 Vacant
    • HD 57 Vacant
  • State Senate
    • SD 33 Springer*
  • State Board of Education
    • SBOE 14 Sue Melton-Malone*
    • SBOE 12 Pam Little*
  • U.S. Congress
    • CD 26 Burgess*
    • CD 4 Pat Fallon*
    • CD 3 Van Taylor*

(incumbents are shown with an asterisk)

To see who will be your new representative, follow this useful link from the Texas Tribune.

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