While Positive in Attitude, This Special Clinic Needs Help!

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Over 40 years being a great community partner…70 employees…the donation of 3 acres to a community for a dog park, 18,000 patients. Fast forward to August 2017…almost five feet of floodwater, 30 phones lost and 40 computers destroyed, X-ray machines and generator gone….but the great news is that 40 dogs and 17 cats were safely water-rescued by boat.  This is the recent story of the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Spring, Texas (northwest portion of Houston). Shortly after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce adopted Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce and community as part of the TCCE/TAB Disaster Recovery Initiative.  The goal of the “Adopt a Chamber/Community” program is to come alongside affected chambers and assist them during the long-term recovery period, as well as engage community partners and local businesses to assist in meeting the needs of the impacted community. As part of these adoption efforts, we recently had the pleasure of speaking with Liz, the office manager of 45 years at the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital. Liz’s optimism and ability to look at the bright side of everything is inspiring!  While the clinic is not officially open due to expensive and much needed repairs, it has been heartwarming to see other veterinary clinics allow Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital to serve clients in their clinics, and one veterinarian in Fort Worth has even loaned them a mobile vaccine unit. The owners of the vet clinic have had to take out a bank loan to continue to pay employees and make sure their families are provided for! Seeing everyone pull together with this spirit is amazing. In times of crisis (although we hope we would never go thru the likes of what Houston saw), we would certainly hope that Frisco would have this same positive attitude and spirit! Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital has been a strong community partner over the years…..donating a large portion of their land for the area’s first dog park, as well as serving the special needs community, and working with rescue groups. As part of giving back to the community, the hospital also maintains a 501(c)3 to help clients that have fallen on hard times be able to afford needed pet care. This same foundation is being used to collect tax deductible donations to help rebuild. Please take a moment to find out more information about Stuebner Airline Hospital and how to make a tax deductible donation. While monetary donations are the greatest need, area businesses that would like to donate equipment can contact the hospital directly to determine specific needs. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide this great community business in northwest Houston!   While their positive attitude and resiliency is greatly admired, they still have specific needs that I hope Frisco can help contribute to in our very own Frisco spirit!

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