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What is BPA?

Julie Barker, FISD CTE Teacher and Regional Advisor for Business Professionals of America (BPA) Texas is looking for volunteer judges from the community.  BPA is a student organization that contributes to the preparation of global professionals through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, and academic and technological skills for students at the Middle, Secondary and Post-secondary levels.

You Are Needed...About 120 of You!

As students come together for their contests, BPA is need of assistance with judges.  There are opportunities for judging presentation contests that are pre-submitted prior to the face-to-face contest, as well as opportunities to judge the in-person final rounds.  The conference includes Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas and usually has between 900-1,200 students.  Approximately 120 judges in total are needed. 

Please see this website to view the events that need judges.  To register, please go to this Google Sheet and sign up for the event that you are wanting to judge

 You will see there is a space for Prejudging (aka virtual judging), Finals (aka face-to-face), and then a column for you to sign up in the event that others have beaten you to the event (you never know what can happen). 

Here's The Scoop

  1. When is Prejudging? December 26, 2022-January 12, 2023  You can do the judging anytime during that period.  You can do the judging from any location you want.  You can do the judging in any attire you want.
  2. How long will Prejudging take? It all depends on how many students sign up for your event.  There could be 10, there could be 30. We will not know until registration closes in December.
  3. When are Finals? Saturday, January 28, 2023, from 8:00 AM to approximately 12:00 NOON.  That’s it, just 4-ISH hours.  Some may go slightly longer, some may go slightly shorter. You will need to do this judging at Reedy High School in Frisco, TX.  Students are to be in professional dress (suits and dresses), so it is requested that you be in business casual (suits will freak them out).
  4. How will I know when and what I’m judging? Julie Barker will be in touch with everyone by the week of December 21 with log-in details and a better idea of how long it could potentially take you to grade. 
  5. Can I invite family and friends to help? Two judges are needed for each event. You can invite friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers at the grocery store.  We need lots of help recruiting judges. Approximately 120 people to judge approximately 1200 students is what is needed. Professional organizations, church groups, and service organizations are all great resources. Julie is happy to reach out to them if you will share their information.

Need to Contact Julie?

Julie Barker

CTE Teacher

Accounting 2, BIM 2, Money Matters and Securities & Investments

Frisco ISD


Career and Technical Education Center

9889 Wade Blvd

Frisco, Texas 75035

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Once you volunteer, I would love to hear from you. I’m sure you’ll agree! Our future looks pretty bright!

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