Interns Aren’t For Fetching Coffee Anymore!

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Several recent news articles have cited that the biggest challenge to the growth of the Texas economy is a limited workforce. Today’s job market is highly competitive, and companies have to be innovative regarding workforce attraction and retention. Interns aren’t for fetching coffee anymore! Students are jumping in with both feet and making positive impacts on businesses! Here are only five of countless reasons to hire an intern:
  1. A great source of your future workforce could be an internship program. A student interning in your business could become your next new hire when they graduate! And if a high-school student has gone out of town for college, they may be more likely to return to the area to work for your business.
  2. By managing a student intern or interns existing employees can further develop management skills. This would be a great role for an emerging leader!
  3. High school and college students bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.
  4. High school and most college students are digital natives and adapt to rapidly changing technology.
  5. Helping a student to develop skills as rewarding for the employer as it is for the student.
At the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, we utilize high school interns each year. In addition, many of our staff members have served as mentors for students in Frisco ISD’s Independent Study & Mentorship Program. We feel so strongly about developing our future workforce through internships and mentorships, that we built a database so that you, the business leader can let both high school and college students know about any internship programs that you offer and/or your desire to serve as a mentor. Please click here for more information and to add your name to our database! We would love to know your reasons for hiring interns or serving as a mentor!

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