Now, It is Everyone’s Time to Do Their Part!

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This country was founded on democratic principles…to that, I would hope, most of us would agree on. However, as pointed out to me by those that study this sort of thing, and what may be a surprise to many is, we are not a “democracy” – instead, we are a “republic” form of government. A “republic” form of government is one whereby we elect representatives to make the majority of the decisions for us and our respective communities. That is THEIR responsibility…to represent us, to do what is in our best interest, and to speak on our behalf except whenever it is mandated otherwise. And one of the reasons for this, quite simply, is that it is just not practical to put EVERY decision before ALL of the people. Not only is it not time-practical, but the “everyday person” simply does not have the knowledge, information, or wherewithal to make the best decision on EVERY item. However, what does fall on all the people is to be educated, take the time, and have the right information on those matters that DO require the people to participate. Those areas include electing said people to office as well as making decisions that impact our charters and constitutions. Bottom line…our voice is needed to put in place the rules and people that make our government work! Well, once again…it is that time. Election Day is Saturday, May 4th! The Frisco Chamber of Commerce just completed its candidate forum, in cooperation with the Frisco ISD Council of PTA’s, as well as Collin County Business Alliance and Collin County Votes, to help educate our citizens and provide them information to make the best possible decisions in the upcoming election involving candidates running for the Frisco City Council, the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees, the Collin College Board of Trustees, and on matters involving the Frisco City Charter and an upcoming City Bond Package. The video from the forum can be seen on the Frisco Chamber Facebook page (@FriscoChamber). NOW is the time to do your part! Every election, we hear about efforts to register voters; however, overall, voter registration is not a problem. Frisco has one of the higher voter registration percentages around…but the problem lies in that most of those registered voters DO NOT VOTE! “Decisions are made by those that show up!” is one of my favorite quotes. Not only does it say that every vote counts (and from personal history, I know every vote DOES count having won an elected office by TWO votes) but it also discreetly says….if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t really have the right to complain about how the results turn out and/or implications of how those elected perform down the road. For anyone who has ever run for public office, I give them credit and thanks for wanting to serve their community and for putting themselves out there for the public to scrutinize, analyze, and…especially with social media these days…to pick apart every word and comment. Now, it is everyone else’s time to do their part! With voter information on our website, on Facebook, on Collin County Votes’ website, there is no reason not to get to know the candidates, the issues, and to be educated when the time comes to actually cast your vote. Even if you missed the recent Candidate Forum, the video is out there, additional sources are out there…the candidates are out there! Democracy does ask that everyone do their part…and YOUR part is to be educated and vote in a responsible manner. The Frisco business community is rocking right now and this is not by accident. It takes work and commitment to put in place policies and strategies that will work for Frisco years down the road. It takes committed individuals who are willing to run for office and serve their constituents. It takes citizens who will take the time to learn about the issues and the candidates and VOTE! Please do your part starting April 22nd (first day of early voting) and ending on May 4th (Election Day) and vote. Remember...“decisions are made by those that show up!” For additional information on candidates running, candidate forums, voting days and locations, please click HERE.

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