UP CLOSE Event: Connecting Business with Leadership

Fostering Connections

The latest UP CLOSE event, a cornerstone for fostering connections between Frisco’s business landscape and community leadership, opened its doors to facilitate another insightful dialogue. Our business community had an engaging experience, hearing from and asking questions of the city’s new Assistant City Managers, E.A. Hoppe and Rob Millar, who assumed their roles earlier this summer.

The ties of Hoppe and Millar with Frisco aren’t new. Hoppe’s insights have been shaped, in part, by the mentorship of Henry Hill, our current Frisco Deputy City Manager, tracing back to the early 2000s. Millar, on the other hand, made connections with Frisco’s leadership during the 2018 Leadership Exchange Trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, organized by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

The recent UP CLOSE event was an avenue for open dialogue, where the attendees explored a range of topics including the Frisco City Council’s top 10 priorities. It offered a reflective look at past decisions that have propelled Frisco forward and initiated a conversation on upcoming opportunities and challenges. Every question and discussion aimed at enhancing our understanding and preparation for the future of Frisco.

Hosted quarterly, UP CLOSE events are dedicated to connecting the business community and community leaders, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual growth. 

We invite you to be part of these empowering conversations that shape the future of our city.

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